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Silent killer

New iteration of my older model. Close up with some pimped up gear. Done in 3DS Max 2013 and finished in Photoshop CC (Rendered with Mental Ray in 45 min) Hope you like it.
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In the four months since joining DA there have been many occasions where I've had the opportunity to observe pictures that were produced using the digital format. However, in my opinion, too many of these pictures just don't seem to work properly. The subjects in these pictures often seem to look as though they were made of plastic; like the artists had taken a doll or action figure, posed it and then taken its' photograph. The backgrounds of these pictures can also look equally unimpressive, as if they were only stage scenery, lacking any kind of depth or realistic appearance. The artists who created these pictures obliviously hadn't mastered the more settle touches needed in this format to produce truly convincing images. Fortunately deviantART member “DromCZ” doesn't seem to suffer from these shortcomings. His recent picture, entitled “Silent killer”, not only shows that he understands the medium; but that he understands it quite well. The battle gear of his title character has such an authentic high tech, space age look to it, that it actually appears as if it could be real. The background, although less detailed, has a similar realistic feel as well. The picture has a nice three dimensional depth; and the darkened atmosphere of the piece adds to the feeling that the title character is a seriously dangerous opponent. All these various elements put together combine to present a truly impressive image, and I feel that the artist should be very pleased with what he has achieved.
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Wow, thank you very much! You made my day :) 
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I'm glad you liked the critique. I thought picture was terrific, you've got really nice touch. Keep up the good work. Clap 
And thanks for the Llama. 
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Excellent work!!
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Thanks, I feel like I'm getting better with every new render :)
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