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Sierpinski's Triforce by Droid24747 Sierpinski's Triforce :icondroid24747:Droid24747 9 0 Da Funk is Starcall? by Droid24747 Da Funk is Starcall? :icondroid24747:Droid24747 1 0
Fantasy Short Stories - Aspirations
    The city was bustling. Talking and shouting filled the air in the vast elvish metropolis of Shèng Chéng. It was a hub of conversation and trade and politics. The people chattered about the day's news; the season's harvest of vegetable and grain, news from adventurers trekking to the eastern mountains, the clergy's use of magic and their practices, the high price of Shamrock Weed from the Halfling land, the rough play the children get up to after their school, the slowing acceptance of Wood Elves and Dark Elves into natural society. Shèng Chéng was alive with talk. It was beset by a large stone wall encasing the residents and protecting everything therein. Here in this great capital of the Eldars, overlooking the snow capped mountains in the east sits the royal castle, a great whitestone structure towering over the rest of Shèng Chéng. This was the Wěidà de Fángzi, the residence of the Elfinqueen and the royal family, a long gen
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Mature content
Forbidden Love Chapter 7 :icondroid24747:Droid24747 1 0
A Sylessae Christmas
This short story has music as part of the prose, as you reach a link please right click on it to open in a new tab and let the music play as you read.
    The night before Christmas was cold, snowy and overcast. The whiteness of the snow melded with the white exterior of the house, a quaint double story house. The lights shone dimly through the frost encrusted windows. Slowly each of the lights turned off, one by one. The house was falling asleep. Inside the home was subtlety decorated for the holiday; a few Christmas lights here and there, tinsel wrapped around the handrail of the stairs, and a small Christmas tree in the nook of the lounge, complete with golden fairy lights and baubles to match. They too were switched off over time. At the light switch a man sighed and turned away. Having brought darkness to the home he preceded upstairs to rest before the big day. The man slowly walked inside, trying not to sti
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SMX Chapter 15 - Sydney
This chapter features music in the prose. When you reach a link, right click on the link and open a new tab to let the music play as you read.
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
Chapter 15 - Sydney
At Narita Airport everyone was sitting down, waiting. Usagi was at the end of the passengers lounge, she slept on Mamoru's shoulder while he was reading a book about Australia. Beside him Chibiusa was teaching Luna English, Luna never learned how to speak English before even though the rest of the family can all speak it fluently. "O mizu o itadaite mo īdesu ka?" Luna said.
"Okay." Chibiusa thought for a moment. "May I have some water? You try it."
Luna took a longer time to work out the phonics of the words. "Mei ai havu sam wota?"
"Hm." Chibiusa replied. "You still need to work on how you sound out words."
"Eh?" Luna asked.
"Oh! Anata wa mada anata no fonikkusu ni torikumu hitsuyō ga arimasu." Chibiusa repeated herself in Japanese.
"Ah, okai!" Luna gave Chibiusa a thumbsu
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Mature content
Forbidden Love Chapter 6 :icondroid24747:Droid24747 0 0
SMX Chapter 14 - Countdown
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
Chapter 14 - Countdown
Along a dark hallway the professor walked with vigor towards the light at the end. A rattling could be heard every time he took a step forward, the drug was prepared. He reached the light and passed through the open doorway to find General Tsajei reviewing the most recent data from the spy drone. The professor stopped just passed the door to observe the General hunched over, resting over a crystalline console, watching the information pour over the screen close up. "General," the professor called out. "You wanted to see me."
Without so much as turning to look at him Tsajei replied. "I've been told by the Council that you have manufactured our drug." Immediately the professor opened his grey laboratory coat and extracted a glass bottle fill of transparent yellow pills.
Lifting the bottle in front of his face the professor shook the bottle and explained the drug. "AN46I-5/212. This is a rather unique formula using trisulfu
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Mature content
Forbidden Love Chapter 5 :icondroid24747:Droid24747 2 0
SMX Chapter 13 - Phantom
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
Chapter 13 - Phantom
It was the night before Usagi's trip around the world, the tickets were bought and everyone was packed and ready to go. Suitcases lined the backside of the couch by the front door, each with their own name tags - Usagi Tsukino-Chiba, Mamoru Chiba and Luna Tsukino. The couple were already upstairs and sleeping in bed, Luna was about to go to bed herself. She entered the guest bedroom in her pyjamas late at night after a day of booking, packing, printing and organizing everything since Chibiusa, Nari and Chiyo are all joining them. Exhausted, Luna closed the door behind her and slowly walked up to and climbed into her bed. She let out a big sigh and stretched herself for a moment in bed before plugging her phone into the charger and relaxing herself, switching off the desk lamp beside her and drifting off to sleep. Her mind emptied; the energy of the day was spent on the computer and in the kitchen, tending to Usagi's needs
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Mature content
Forbidden Love Chapter 4 :icondroid24747:Droid24747 1 0
SMX Chapter 12 - Chiyo Akemi: Sailor Pluto
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
Chapter 12 - Chiyo Akemi: Sailor Pluto
Setsuna's house was abuzz in activity, she and her daughter were quickly cleaning the house as they were expecting visitors. Chiyo was kneeling down, dusting the windows while Setsuna finished the last of the vacuuming. "Puruto!" She shouted over the machine. "Can you dust the tables now?"
"Just a sec!" Chiyo was just finishing off her window, wiping in down one last time. "Okay mother." She got up and headed over to the coffee table in the lounge room. Chiyo was dressed for home, a simple black t-shirt and track pants - comfort clothes for lounging about. Chiyo was unlike any other of the school girls in Juuban Municipal High School, she was a goth chick. Chiyo's appearance reflected this; she normally wears makeup like other girls, heavy eyeliner, black fingernails and a deep maroon lipstick, but she also applies a very small amount of rice powder on her cheeks - the makeup Geisha use to color their fac
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Mature content
Forbidden Love Chapter 3 :icondroid24747:Droid24747 2 0
SMX Chapter 11 - Timelines: Setsuna
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
Chapter 11 - Timelines: Setsuna
20 years ago
With the television blaring in the background Setsuna was typing furiously on her computer, the keys clanking loudly. Behind her the television was showing a documentary, an English documentary dubbed in Japanese - the Planets. As Setsuna was working on her thesis in Physics she was very much addicted to watching this documentary, in this case she was just about complete and the show was starting. She could hear the music beginning to swell and the narrator began his speech. "1977-Nen 8 tsuki, boijā to yoba reru 2-ki no uchūsen ga shinji rarenai hodo no tabi o hajimemashita." Setsuna frantically typed her closing paragraph as quickly as she could so she could focus all of her attention to the show. "Karera ga nan jū oku-mairu mo no uchū kūkan no kiken kara ikinokoreba, karera wa tōkute kimyōna sekai ni tōtatsu s
:icondroid24747:Droid24747 2 1
Forbidden Love Chapter 2
Chapter 2
    In a very ordinary two story house a woman was polishing the coffee table, dusting the glass. She was expecting company today, an old friend was visiting and she wanted the place to look spotless. She was by herself, her husband has been away for a long time and was not expected for another week. As she was cleaning she hummed a melody, a brief tune she heard somewhere some time ago. "Done!" She stood up and wiped the sweat off her brow. "Phew!" She sighed, then she looked around, looking at the state of the house. The lounge room was perfect, the table is clean, the rug vacuumed and the television polished. The dining room was spotless, the table covered with a pink tablecloth and a vase of fresh daisies from the garden. The hallway was free of clutter and the kitchen was pristine, the benches cleaned and everything was stowed away. The woman sighed again. "Okay, I'm done." She undid the cloth headband and let down her fringe, golden str
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SMX Chapter 10 - AN46I-5
Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
Chapter 10 - AN46I-5
Two cycles have passed in the Negaverse and inside the scientific building General Tsajei was inside a darkened room with a scientist, they were both observing another Nitrogen test on another alien, this time he was a free citizen of the Negaverse - a volunteer who was prepared to die for the greater good of the empire. Once again gas seeped through the invisible vents and unlike the slaves and aliens before him he was calm and ready. The gas continued to flood the room although this time, unlike any of the other test subjects there wasn't an immediate reaction; the man seemed unaffected by the gas. "Hm." Tsajei grunted, he saw for the first time the marvels of biological manipulation and smirked. "Perhaps there is a use for science in war." He heckled. The professor took no notice of the General's barb, focusing on the test subject and his reactions. The citizen was still sitting on his seat, thinking to himself he may b
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Whats up with fractals ne'wayz? There just math...
Section 1 - Where did that term "fractal" come from? It sounds like Frankie...Franctl...Fractal?...or not...
According to "The word "fractal" was coined less than twenty years ago by one of history's most creative mathematicians, Benoit Mandelbrot, whose seminal work, The Fractal Geometry of Nature, first introduced and explained concepts underlying this new vision. Although prior mathematical thinkers like Cantor, Hausdorff, Julia, Koch, Peano, Poincare, Richardson, Sierpinski, Weierstrass and others had attained isolated insights of fractal understanding, such ideas were largely ignored until Mandelbrot's genius forged them at a single blow into a gorgeously coherent and fruitful discipline.
Mandelbrot derived the term "fractal" from the Latin verb frangere, meaning to break or fragment. Basically, a fractal is any pattern that reveals greater complexity as it is enlarged. Thus, fractals graphically portray the notion of "worlds
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Sailor Moon X - the Next Generation
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Sailor Moon X Chapter 1 - Consequences (Part 1)
Sailor Moon X Chapter 1 - Consequences (Part 2)
Sailor Moon X Chapter 2 - the Grand Plan
Sailor Moon X Chapter 3 - Reunion
Sailor Moon X Chapter 4 - the Complexities of Love
Sailor Moon X Chapter 5 - the Council
Sailor Moon X Chapter 6 - Timelines: Makoto
Sailor Moon X Chapter 7 - Star Crossed Love WARNING! Contains Mature Content
Sailor Moon X Chapter 8 - Nari Asanuma: Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Moon X Chapter 9 - Proving Ground
<< Chris Sifniotis' Library, feel free to browse... I'll update it after Chapter 7 of Forbidden Love is released

So the past eight months since I returned to dA has actually been a very informative period; the internet is so much more different than I every really expected, very nearly all of my friends have gone which isn't that much of a surprise, being seen takes so much effort that anyone with a weak will and a small circle of friends might end up leaving dA - that's a huge thing I want people to take away here - and finally that finding the right people really change the future. From the time that I restarted in April I genuinely thought I'd end up leaving dA for good because I was getting nothing at all, but now I have a very supportive group of new friends who encourage me a great deal. I just want to take a moment to thank these people here; Arasteia is a great artist who does a lot of creepy pieces, I'm not a fan of the darker side but her art is extraordinary and she is a great person to talk to. She made a series of journals about mental health as well as a ripping good read artists who are finding trouble breaking into the site. You know what, here's the link to it! It's seriously worth the read. sylessae is another great artist who is doing a project that kinda ballooned into this massive artist movement. If you're not aware of Starcall it's a wonderful initiative where artists can collaborate to create artworks freely for artist that are otherwise unable to pay for commissions. It's a great idea and definitely worth backing, go to sylessae's profile page for more information and how to apply a request or to become an artist for Starcall, tell her Chris sent you. ^_^ Bugger it! Watch Syl while you're at it! DarkAngelsRhapsody is one of my oldest friends on dA, she was here with me back in the heyday of dA in 2006 and 2007 and she remains to be one of my best friends here, definitely up there with Arasteia and sylessae. She does fantastic 3D landscapes and the occasional writing. She tells me she's read all me work this whole time, I don't believe her but I love the compliment. xD
Lastly I want to shout out two artists in particular, Lady-Raven16 and AssilemDraws . Both of them did something for me that I never really ever had happen before, they both created fanarts of my original characters. I know them from sylessae's Discord server but these weren't Starcall requests so much as they were interested in making piece of my characters. >///< I've never been so flattered before. Lady-Raven16 did my personal favorite OC because she was the most unique idea I ever came up with; Chiyo Akemi who is the Millennial Sailor Pluto from my fanfiction, and Chaolamity did a really great job in recreating Lily from Forbidden Love.
I hope the new year will bring more good fortune and more friendly people to meet and talk with. I won't deny that I'd love more fanart by anyone willing to make any. But I also want to tell you that I'm also hyping over a new project to take one after Forbidden Love is over, I'm creating character profiles for a high fantasy epic I kinda teased a while ago but decided to take another direction. I intend to start it this year so if you like a unique high fantasy story with lots of colourful characters and unique ideas watch this space. :3

Starcall Request - Chiyo by Lady-Raven16
Liliane Bryce by AssilemDraws


Chris Sifniotis
Well well well, It's been a very, very, VERY long time since I've come back here.

I first entered deviantArt about ten years ago when I was in high school. As you can see back then I was very much into fractal art, especially when it is used to express music. Since then I spent one truly wonderful year here, discovering great art, meeting fantastic people and talent, and slowly growing my confidence in both my work and my sociability, of which back then and as I do to a lesser extent now suffer from a terrible shyness. But as I left high school and work became an all-consuming part of my life both my creativity and interest in dA had died out.
Back then I felt it would be a special part of me that would break and that the reality of where I was in the real world would compel me to lose myself. The truly sad thing is that that's exactly what happened; as time went on I became less than my creative and colourful self.
However, since last year I've had a reawakening in my creativity and felt that sooner or later I'd return to deviantArt, so here I am, ready to once again take perhaps a new plunge into this great community.

In my previous life here on dA I was mostly a fractal artist and dabbled into other areas like fiction writing and albeit faltering attempts at manga art - one of my key deficiencies IS, I still have this problem, a complete lack of ability to draw a face or indeed a body in any direction apart from forward facing, this is something I MUST be able to fix.
Today it is entirely my intention to shore up my manga artistry as well as produce some of my ideas for fictions in the fantasy and science-fiction genres, and with new music from my favorite musicians I may yet produce more fractal art, even though I have not made any new works so I more or less left dA.


Sierpinski's Triforce
I made this for an avatar for my Twitch account I'll be opening up soon. This uses common symbology and colours for the Triforce in the Legend of Zelda and styled it using Sierpinski's Triangle, one of the simplest fractals anyone can draw. I've drawn this before on my Wii U and the rules are easy enough.
It's been a while since I've drawn anything so I'm glad I finished this one, it's not perfect but it is very close to how I wanted it.
Okay, so a lot has happened between my last post and today. I had a trip touring Japan for about two weeks and had a lot of fun with my tour group, the experience gave me an idea for another story to work on later. After I returned I did suffer from a bit of a slow restart in writing but I kept going for a bit, however a month ago my old computer finally gave up the ghost and died. I bought myself a new one but the monitor was faulty and it needed  to be repaired, it took two full weeks. ;_;
Can you imagine not being able to do any art for three and a half to four weeks?
As you can see I have a fully functioning computer and am in fact continuing forward with my intention to write and while drawing has definitely taken a back seat I do draw ever so often, albeit not manga or realism but baby steps. I'm still part of Starcall and I still say artists ought to go to sylessae 's page or website to check out her stuff and Project Starcall. As for myself I'm still writing my original story first to get that first draft finished and edit it.
Commission work has never left my mind, I still feel like I'm not ready yet.
Da Funk is Starcall?
Some time around November I was invited into an artist community after first inviting the artist into my personal Discord server. The artist was sylessae and her community on Discord is where artists from all across her media networks come together and chatted and collaborated. It was also where I got my first real taste of Project Starcall, her initiative to help struggling artists collaborate and receive art requests for free. It's a positive community that deserves attention and recognition. Recently with an upgrade to it's site and a joke about a slogan for it all of a sudden I had the idea to draw a banner for myself. What was a doodle during my lunch break had turned into this work, the first drawing I've done in a very long time, more than half a year I think.
Da Funk is Starcall? is a recreation of the banner for Project Starcall in the style of Daft Punk's iconic Discovery album artwork with a few extra features to give it a distinct Starcall flavor. The lettering is specifically designed to emulate Daft Punk's font, it's not perfect but it is exactly how I pictured it. The rainbow lighting underneath the metal words is replaced with a bright pink to match the pink of the balloon, the colour for Starcall, also the balloon itself makes an appearance tied to the end of one of the letters. Another subtle touch is the star shape acting as the dot above the J. I'm not happy about the shading of the gray colour for the metal but I am most pleased about everything else, the entire design is excellent.
Da funk is Starcall?

I'm part of a great artist community known as Project Starcall, it was first created by sylessae last year and has since grown to a wonderful network of artists and writers. Since joining the group I've been doodling, it's now reaching a point where I'm slowly wanting to return to drawing after months of trying and failing last year. So I did this quick design of the community banner in a Daft Punk style and since will save the picture I'll then edit it in Muro to make it look so much better. It will be the first thing I've drawn in a very long time. :3

Filename by Droid24747
Made a quick reference sheet for when I draw the Jewel of Xihe. I'm doing a piece for the crown as a reference for a Starcall request and jotting down info like this is useful when I do it.
If I'm being honest I got inspired by ClaretClarinets design of the crown even though it was big. xD

Quick Reference Guide - Jewel of Xihe by Droid24747



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