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The Eye of Vecna: Cover

This is the cover of The Eye of Vecna, the second book in my World of Greyhawk series. Featured from left to right are Garadun, Bigby, Cerathonil, and guest supporting character, Wiffle. Once again they're doing their fantasy spin on a classic album cover  ;)

Hope you like it  :)

This is commissioned art by my Official Artist, the outstanding Glen Giron s2ka  :D

My characters and the storyline use the classic 2nd Ed. AD&D rules.

You can find all the chapters of the books here…
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Timekeeper9's avatar
Very pleasing. :lol:
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Very glad you like it! Thanks for the fave  :)
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Fantastic!  :heart:

I still keep on giggling about the "Head of Vecna!"  :heart:
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Heheheh. Thanks for the fave  :D
DBrentOGara's avatar
Super cool! :heart: I'm stoked to read this one, Gar + Cera 4-evah!
Nuclear-Fridge's avatar
And Cerathonil finally finds herself a familiar! :D
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Actually, no. Wiffle's just a guest character, not a new addition to the party...  ^^;

Thanks for the fave  :)
The-Colonel-382's avatar

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
Colourbrand's avatar
Damn! That is a great cover - the details, the angles - very good work from the artist :D
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Yes indeedy. As ever, Glen did a suberb job, turning my ideas and direction into an incredible piece of cover art  :nod:
Colourbrand's avatar
He did sir - and thensome - your taste is exquisite :D
Lord-Hypno's avatar
NICE..  It looks Great i can hardly wait :)
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Thank you! Any idea which album cover they're doing? :D
Lord-Hypno's avatar
No i do not but sadly i'm not much of an audiofile. i even looked at the top 250 album covers.  what album is it ?
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Please Please Me, by the Beatles  :)
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