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Star Trek Map 2

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To make this very clear, I did not draw this. I found this after googling for it. The map is from the Star Trek: Star Charts book and shows the four Quadrants of our galaxy. It's pretty much the most canon map of the Star Trek universe that you can find and the one I use as my base guide.

The only reason I'm posting it in my Scraps section is so that readers of my Star Trek Calypso series have an actual map of the galaxy to reference. Hope it helps.

The map is of course copyright by Paramount, blah blah blah.
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So... the "far spinward side" of the alpha quadrant is basically a line with the radius of the galaxy as it's length... where on that line did they actually end up??? Are they near the Great Barrier? The Outer Rim? Somewhere in the middle? I'm fairly alarmed here.
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The wormhole spat the Calypso out in a spot roughly under the letter O in the word Bajoran, at the edge of the galaxy. Yikes!

As to the Great Barrier... pfffft. What a joke that is. Hello? It's a *line* around the galaxy, as beautifully shown here:

Outward Bound by Rob-Caswell

After all, space is three dimensions, not two. Simply fly over or under it, and Bob's your uncle :roll:
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Nice, good to know! They really are a long way from home... poor Magik, where will she get her kitty litter now? Yeah, the way sci-fi always shows space phenomena as 'flat' or '2D' really chaps my hide! Is it so difficult to make an event horizon (of any kind) a proper sphere??? I dunno... maybe it is?

I am really excited to see what new things the crew discovers out there... has any trek series explored that area, or are you in terra incognita there?
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It's completely new territory.
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Wow... no Klingons, nor Romulans, but only Calypso!
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