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The Mage Fair: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
There were a lot of tavern tales of valiant bands of adventurers heading into the wilds on noble quests or braving deep dungeons in search of treasure and glory. They defeat the monsters and overcome obstacles, succeeding where all others before them have failed. In the Flanaess these adventuring parties typically contain several people: a good number of fighters to battle monsters; a cleric to heal their wounds and ward off undead; a thief to deal with the dungeon’s locks and traps; and a wizard to handle the magic. Sometimes there’s a specialist such as a ranger or bard for a bit of variety.
    The adventuring parties never consist of just two mages and a cat.
    Cerathonil was very eager and excited but Garadun had his doubts. In any case they weren’t simply going to rush off into the Blue without a plan. When they returned to the Sleepy Dragon, they had a relaxing dinner and then took it easy before turning in for the night.
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The Mage Fair: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The University of Magical Arts was a pyramid, a smooth three-sided structure without any visible entrances. At the very top was a big metal sphere on a thick pole that gave off discharges of excess magic and also acted as a lightning rod. The building was bordered on all three sides by a stone wall, and on either side of this wall was a lot of greenery: thick grass and trees and shrubs. There was no gate to be found anywhere along the wall. If someone were to scale it (which had been done by the curious) they wouldn’t find any means of entry into the edifice. The answer was simple enough: the way was hidden by magic. This was a wizarding college, after all. Garadun led Cerathonil across the grounds outside the pyramid, Bigby at his side. He eventually came to a stop about halfway along the western wall.
    “Afternoon, Hickorystick,” he said, affectionately patting the trunk of a hickory tree before turning his attention to the wall.
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The Mage Fair: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Cerathonil woke the following morning and found herself lying in bed. Her memories at first were rather fuzzy. Had she only dreamt that she’d left home? She soon realised that the ceiling above her wasn’t her own, nor was the bed she was in. Then, all at once, she remembered her catastrophic midair rematerialisation, and her fear and panic just before she crashed onto a roof. After that, everything was a blank.
    “Where am I?” she muttered in Elven, to no-one in particular.
    “Oh good, you’re awake,” said a voice in Common, sounding pleased. “I don’t know if you can understand me, but I don’t speak Elven. Wish I did, though.”
    Cerathonil sat up and saw a human man sitting on a chair next to a small table, onto which he was placing a book. She didn’t know nearly enough about humans as she’d like, so she couldn’t assess his age properly. There
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The Mage Fair: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Carefully poking her nose above the windowsill, Bigby gave a good sniff. It had been a little challenging to sort out all the different smells, but someone was definitely cooking lamb kebabs. The kind that’d been marinated for a long time and had all those tasty herbs and spices on them. Yum.
    With her claws extended, she clung to the brickwork with all four paws and lifted her head just high enough to get a view of the kitchen. Two hearths, several work tables, a pair of sinks, assorted utensils, endless pots and pans, and all sorts of food everywhere in various stages of preparation. Where was the head chef? There he was: mixing something in a bowl. One assistant over by the sinks, another at the bread oven, and a kitchen maid peeling potatoes. Everyone had their backs to the window, so Bigby climbed onto the sill with all the stealth she could manage. She sniffed again, her nose helping her sharp eyes: there. The long table where the staff
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The Mage Fair: Prologue
In the multiverse, there are an infinite number of planes, an infinite number of realities where people of different species go about their lives, most utterly oblivious to the fact that such an infinite number of possibilities exist. For those who do know, this knowledge is more often than not considered to be too mind-bendingly overwhelming to think about and they do their best to ignore it, usually over a hot cup of tea.
    But this story is not about any such people.
    The ones in this story are completely unaware that they have lived many different lives, being reborn again and again, destined to be the best of friends, bosom buddies, two peas in a pod… you get the idea. Their names are Cera and Garadun. These names were given to them when they first came into being and they’ve been stuck with them in one form or another throughout all their various lives.
    Let it not be said that Fate doesn’t have a sens
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The Mage Fair: Cover by DrOfDemonology The Mage Fair: Cover :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 21 9 Greyhawk: The Main Cast by DrOfDemonology Greyhawk: The Main Cast :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 18 7 Greyhawk: Bigby by DrOfDemonology Greyhawk: Bigby :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 13 10 Greyhawk: Cerathonil by DrOfDemonology Greyhawk: Cerathonil :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 16 7 Greyhawk: Garadun by DrOfDemonology Greyhawk: Garadun :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 14 7 Greyhawk Magic Items by DrOfDemonology Greyhawk Magic Items :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 10 12 Lil' Canada Day 2018 by DrOfDemonology Lil' Canada Day 2018 :icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 9 9
The Fighting Fusiliers TOE, 3051-3052
Unit Commander: Colonel Alexandra Grosvenor
Executive Officer: Major Edward Ian Davion
Unit Status: Regular
Unit Size: Battalion
Unit Insignia: Crossed Napoleonic Rifles/Double Letter F
Support Vessels:
    1 Tramp class JumpShip: Distant Memory
    2 Union class DropShips: Shearling, Solaris Sun
    1 Overlord class DropShip: Legacy
    2 KR-61 Shuttles: Golden Sable, Silver Fox
Dragoons Rating: A
Command Lance (First Fusiliers)
    Colonel Alexandra Grosvenor, Veteran, Thunder Hawk (Mjölnir)
    Major Edward Ian Davion, Veteran, Cestus (Piano Black)
    Lieutenant Sayuki Anzai-Davion, Regular, Excalibur (Feng Shui)
    MechWarrior Winston Coles, Regular, Crusader (Bulldog)
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Roaring Bear: Epilogue
Mainz, Hardisey’s Haven
Circinus Federation
21 February 3051

There was a large crowd of onlookers hanging out on the tarmac to watch the Stinger emerge from the DropShip’s interior. The Langhorne Star was a Mule class DropShip and the 20-ton BattleMech was a spindly stick figure in comparison. Mules are one of the most common civilian DropShips in all of known space, and arguably the most popular cargo vessel, hands down. They can carry pretty much anything in their vast holds and that includes BattleMechs. Although not purposely designed for them, Mules carry far more ‘Mechs around the galaxy than people realise.
    Hardisey’s Haven is what the majority of Inner Sphere citizens think of when they think of Periphery worlds; assuming they give them any thought at all. It’s an agrarian planet with very little industrial capacity. By and large its inhabitants are farmers who earn their livin
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Roaring Bear: Chapter 25
Solaris City
Solaris VII, Federated Commonwealth
7 February 3051

With the addition of Alan MacPherson to the roster (he had been assigned to Garadun’s Command Lance) the Fighting Fusiliers were now only two MechWarriors shy of a full battalion. Alexandra held a meeting with her senior officers to discuss matters, and after consultation she decided to end the company’s recruitment drive on Solaris. The Fighting Fusiliers were currently performing garrison duty on Pencader, so it wasn’t as if they were desperate to bolster their ranks.
    To everyone’s surprise it was Garadun who suggested they get on the road and make their way to Pencader. His friends thought he needed more time at home, especially Cera who knew the demons he was fighting. But if there was one thing about him that couldn’t be denied, it was that he was the kind of man who got the job done. In his view, hanging around on Solaris VII any longer than necessary was
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Roaring Bear: Chapter 24
International Area, Solaris City
Solaris VII, Federated Commonwealth
23 January 3051

Garadun sat at the main bar in the Guild Hall’s watering hole, the Old Solaris Tavern, and nursed his tumbler of Kuritan scotch. He wasn’t much of a drinker and the scotch was unremarkable, but sometimes you just needed something to dull the edges. He was now an officially commissioned captain in the Fighting Fusiliers, the commanding officer of the newly-created Third Company. In truth, the company was only half-formed for the time being, and that was on paper. The unit’s roster included himself, Cera, Ling Ling, Pandora, Astrid, Nikita and Halden.
    With the Fighting Fusiliers becoming a full battalion, Lady Alexandra (he still wasn’t used to her rank of colonel) was having to reshuffle some personnel. Nothing was set in stone as of yet, but, as he understood it, Heidi Renault was being moved from First Company’s Battle Lance to Second Compan
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10 - Trailing in the Wake
DropShip Lodestar, Interception Vector
Dark Nebula, Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
20 December 3053
    “Well… There she is.” Seth Klassen looks at an external camera feed showing the derelict Leopard DropShip. “Now it’s over to you.”
    Claire shakes her head. “First things first; we’ve still got to transfer over to the Xanthus and check our gear once more. Then we’ll move in for a capture. After all of that, we’ll make an entrance.”
    Seth looks back at the camera feed again. The range is still too great to show much in the way of detail, but the Leopard is trailing a loose streamer of hull fragments in its wake. Expecting a boarding party to pick their way through all of that safely is just plain ridiculous.
    Fortunately, the Xanthus is equipped for just such a situation. It has a hangar bay for four small cr
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morning at the bakery! by Apofiss morning at the bakery! :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,516 53 The boss level by travisJhanson The boss level :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 196 22 Dungeon rules by travisJhanson Dungeon rules :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 182 23 Charms by travisJhanson Charms :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 199 20 A hair raising experience  by travisJhanson A hair raising experience :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 180 31 Free dragons by travisJhanson Free dragons :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 378 96
9 - The Harpies' Lament
DropShip Lodestar, Interception Vector
Dark Nebula, Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
19 December 3053
    Seth Klassen steps out onto Lodestar’s bridge and gives Melody a nod of thanks. He’s here to relieve her at the DropShip’s helm.
    “I have the ship,” he says to her.
    She nods back. “Captain has the ship.” She unlocks the seat harness and gets to her feet, stretching her arms out to the sides as she does so.
    “We’re on course?”
    Melody gives him a lopsided smile. “I’d have raised you on the comm if we weren’t.” She gestures at the holotank volume as she steps aside for him. “We’re about five hours out now. The Xanthus is still off our starboard beam, maintaining a six-hundred kilometre separation.”
    “Okay, great.” Seth settles himself into the pilot’
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8 - Fathers and their Daughters
Camelot Command (Co-ordinates Classified)
Dark Nebula, Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
16 December 3053
    “Green lights on collar release.”
    Seth Klassen double-checks the readings on Lodestar’s aft docking thrusters and nods at the report coming in over his earpiece transceiver. “Copy that. Stand by. Setting for forty percent burn, two-point-two seconds.”
    He glances across the bridge to where Claire is watching over the DropShip’s primary systems. If there were any problems, she would sing out. It’s just that any mooring procedure – be it with a JumpShip or a space platform’s docking array – allows for no margin of error. Not when it involves a moving piece of metal weighing more than three thousand tons…
    Seth turns his attention back to his console. A quick squirt of propellant sets Lodestar gliding forwards into the middle
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Greyhawk Reboot

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New Avatar Original by DrOfDemonology

Wanted to let my few readers know that a new book is in the works. It's slightly stalled at the moment, but I'm hoping to break through and finish it in the upcoming weeks.

A long while back I tried writing a Greyhawk setting novel. I got 8 chapters done and fizzled out. This is a second stab at it, a complete reboot. I recycled some of the material from the first attempt, but otherwise this is a whole new story. Cera is a wood elf, and Garadun is yer basic middle-aged human. Both are mages and he has a familiar, a kitty named Bigby. I've used the classic 2nd Ed. AD&D rules for the cast and story (they're 4th level at the start of the book). As always, I use dice and game rules to work out fights and stuff.

I currently have my Official Artist, the amazing Glen Giron s2ka working on character and cover art while I try to get the book finished.

That's it for now  :)


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