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Svenska Akademiens ordbok

Svenska Akademiens ordbok

Location: Library – Department of Scandinavian Studies. Faculty of Arts. University of Bonn, Germany.
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Nice one. I just think the shelve in upper left corner is a bit noisy. Maybe it would have been better if the camera was a bit turned to left, so the shelve would be "above" the image if you know what i mean :-)
....then the whole image would probably be a bit more dynamic, because the tags on the books would be in more diagonal direction. ....just my point of view
But still it's great photo
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I totally know what you mean and I was thinking about that. Unfortunately that was not possible because the bookshelf has such stupid shape there, so that you can not lean against or put the camera correctly. Or something. You know? :D
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I know. That's a real shame that people criticize your photos - they tell you that you should have moved a bit back or left and wait next ten seconds to get the people out of the frame....but they will never get to know all the circumstances related to the capture. :-)
Shame you didn't have the opportunity to put camera in a different angle, but it's great you noticed that ;-)