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Raptor Tutorial



Meh, I'm just not a polisher. That's my problem. It's why The Pact's laborious inking and washing process is driving me crazy. It hasn't diminished my enthusiasm for dinosaurs, though!

I did this to resist taking a nap after me ma and I did some serious spring cleaning around my house. This is as much for my reference as it is everyone else's; I break half these rules most of the time. I mean, I grew up drawing raptors like Talon from Primal Rage and the Jurassic Park raptors, who had some serious anatomical mistakes. When I was little, I drew raptors with just the feathers on their heads, like Talon (boy, was I a fan of Talon), so a lot of the feather stuff has been quite a hurdle to overcome.

I really wish I could've had a single, beautiful, unbroken line of comic pages, but I couldn't take the pressure. My artistic aesthetic needed to breathe free! Expect about a page a week from now on.
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These are phenominal, thank you so much for putting it together