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Horse Tutorial

By Droemar
Just a quick tutorial I threw together while chatting with Starhorse and Wadhifitook. They cheered me up.
I draw these little guys incessently on my notebook margins. Horses leap over biology notes and gallop past art history dates. I really should start drawing something harder, like humans.
Form concept is my current eureka. I'm trying to use it more because form concept = stronger foundation drawings.
I also draw a lot of my horses with the Peruvian Paso or Andalusian body and mane, because I own a Peruvian. But I tried to keep my drawings more stock or grade body type, cause those are the kind you see most of the time.

I am in such a rut it's not funny. Plus I'm working on two comissions, so those will occupy my time for a bit. I hope this helps folks. Draw 100 of these things and post 'em. You'll get better. And I'll give you something.
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This is great! Thanks
TamaraADuncan's avatar

Maybe I'll actually be able to draw my family's horses or my MC's unicorn now! Tysm!

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Oh, this is good!  Boogie! SingingBoogie! 

With some practice my horses could look like horses, and not like dragons.
But it´s the sample principle...
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Whoa. Helpful. Thanks a ton
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Geometry teachers, mmmm.... mmmmm.... mmmmm... No way... I hate geomertry. Thank you! I will keep on drawing! :)
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Man, just if I could sketch so good, my drawings would come out better.. Oki, getting some paper to study this beautiful method of sketching! Horses are everywhere in my school notebooks.. One time my teacher had to e-mail my parents that I was "Making a distraction for myself and others" Oki teacher, this stuff helps meh. Learn teacher, learn. Lol! :)
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Haha, I'm glad the tutorial helped! I used to get in trouble for drawing in class, too. But I really credit those little scribbles in the margins for driving me on to become a professional artist. I remember my geometry teacher caught me drawing in middle school and was like "Why are you doing this?"
"Because I don't want to do math for a living."
I got sent to the principal's office.
Keep drawing!
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isnt this from the book " how to draw horse"?
I had something that looked just like this when i was a kid. Just asking :)
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I think that's right. Little thin black book. It was a good little book. I'm a little surprised the drawing method isn't more popular.
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thanks for this tutorial i'm really hoping it will improve my drawing skills on horses 
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Thank you so much for this tutorial. *bows*
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That horse be majestic!
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Thank you so much for this!! I used one of the poses as a reference and I will probably use more from this page, but this is what came of it:…

Thank you so much for posting this it's super helpful!!  
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Awesome! I'm glad it helped you.
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omg...thank you so much. Seriously. 
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Thank you, sooooooo much!! It helped me  draw just what I wanted!!!
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awesome I love horses but I could never draw them...I wonder if this is the key to finally successfully drawing a horse. thx ')
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So amazingly helpful! Thanks so much!
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this is extremely helpful
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Beautiful drawings! Helped a lot!
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very helpful ^^ thank you :D 
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This is awesome! Very detailed and helpful :)
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