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+DS+: The Hunter Project

Some subtractive hidden line silhouette work. The Hunters in the Daemon Soul 'verse need a lot of work, and I realized this when I drew them full-bodied for the first time and realized their designs sucked. Reeeeeally bad.
There's definitely some Tron Legacy influence here; that movie was just a feast for the eyes. (I am so getting the art book.) But there were also some nice lessons in a concept book called The Skillful Huntsman that I applied here. I certainly have more cohesive designs, although none of these designs are specific to the Hunters that appear in the book just yet.
Remember kids! If you want to get good at drawing something, draw it 50 times. Eat your heart out, Lee J. Ames!
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I definately see the TRON influences, and I have to agree about the designs in that movie.

Great job, I wish I could pick out my faves, but there's just so many of them and no numbers, but the hidden line silhouette work is excellent here.
Don't tell me that! >.< I hate drawing stuff more than one time =(
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I just got The Skillful Huntsman for Christmas, oh shit.

Nice work, I like the guy third from the right on the top row.
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Nice work! wish they had numbers by them...that'd be a lot of work though.
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I plan on posting this to my game portfolio, so I'll give it a shot.
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I thought there was a Legacy reference here.... haha.
Very amazing designs!!!!!
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*wants to see Tron!*
i like 7[from left] on the first row
3[with 5's sword] and 8 on the second row
3 and 6 in the fourth row
and 4 and 11 in the last row. ;p
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Thanks! I was hoping people would pick out what they liked, so I could muse over which design was the strongest.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
sure thing! :)
looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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Oooh! I've been meaning to get that book; I need to go and just do it already! This looks really cool; I might try this exercise out.
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