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So, I finished Mark of the Conifer, and I'm pretty well exhausted. I did have this project laying around, though, and wanted to go ahead and finish it, considering the script has existed for 2 years.
No dinos for a while. I'm a little burned out.
My answer to all the wolf comics out there. A deconstruction, if you will. For the most part, I will try and let the story tell itself, but I will talk about my thoughts while I was working on the thing.
One of the things I notice a lot about these kind of comics is that we rarely get to know who the main character is on the first page, or even the first five pages. True to form, I’ve purposely left our hero’s name out. It’s a common practice for the main character to be a wolf hero: that’s it. That is the extent of their characterization. They are a wolf by appearance and heroic because the author says so, not because they display any animalistic priorities or even traits of being a sympathetic protagonist. My hero is this walking template, complete with Designated Hero prophecy.

Page 2: [link]
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i'M BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR NEARLY THREE YEARS. I forgot the name of this comic.