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Overwatch: 4th of July

Jack Morrison (Soldier 76): A very happy independence day to my fellow countrymen. 
Lena Oxton (Tracer): Yah bloody Yanks!
Jack Morrison: You're ruining the picture Oxton. 
Lena Oxton: Chill out loves, I'm only joking, besides nothing but love for our greatest ally across the pond. 
Jack Morrsion: Much appreciated..... we're still not sorry for the tea.
Lena Oxton: Oh shut up and lets take a picture.


Jack Morrison: You're putting rabbit ears behind my head are you? 
Lena Oxton: (Chuckle) No I'm not just smile for the camera. ;)


Well here is something I wanted to do for Independence day guys. Like the game and the characters, though some more than others, but since Morrison is pretty much one of the most patriotic things I've seen in video games, I decided to do something with him for the upcoming fourth of July, Also it made sense seeing as Tracer is British that she would like to butt in and make some jokes.

Anyways, comment or fave whatever you want, and I'll make some more. 

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4/10 needs more 'murica.
But seriously - this is realy nice.
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I probably should've put Cruiser Dva on there. She's South Korean I know but two things:

1) South Koreans love America
2) Her Cruiser outfit is like one of the most American things you can make her wear. 1950s America style.

:) I might actually do that.