Commissions are OPEN! 5/03/16 (5 Slots Available)

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Commissions are currently OPEN! (5 Slots Available)


Commissions are on a first-come, first-paid basis.

Sign up for a slot, tell me what you want, and I'll get you a quote. As soon as I receive payment, I'll start working on your piece!

Recent Commissions

1. Capt-Light-Shine - Light Shine - OC Illustration - Paid - Completed
2. Capt-Light-Shine - Stormy Seas - OC Illustration - Paid - Completed
3. ABQBroniesTS - TeamSpeak Group Pic - Completed
4. TMP - GoE - Equestrian Flag - Completed

Commission Slots

1. [OPEN]
2. [OPEN]
3. [OPEN]
4. [OPEN]
5. [OPEN]

Wait List (Pending Payment)
1. Crandaaj - Waitlist - Unpaid
2. Capt-Light-Shine - Stormy Seas - 6-Character Group Piece - Unpaid
3. Mikey-the-vulpix - Unpaid
4. [OPEN]
5. [OPEN]

Recent Commissions

Flag of Equestria - Distressed by Droakir   COM - Boarding Action by Droakir   Commission - Silly Face Altallo by Droakir
MLP FoE - Stormy Seas - Ghoul by Droakir  MLP FoE - Light Shine - Soul Jarred by Droakir  FoE - Steel Ranger Recruitment Poster by Droakir  FoE - Ministry of Peace Poster by Droakir  Evanis - Commission by Droakir  Captain Discord - MLP/Star Trek by Droakir


Character Portrait Commission Info

Portraits by Droakir

Full-Body Character Illustration Commission Info (and Extras)

Full Body Price by Droakir

Want a high-resolution print of your commission?

Get a physical copy of your commission to hang on your wall! Shipping is included in the price (US Only - International please add $5 shipping).

5 x 7 - $5
8.5 x 11 - $10
11 x 17 - $15

*NEW* Character Paintings!

Want a full-blown digital painting of your character?

Taikeru - All Bundled Up by Droakir Nob the Goblin by Droakir Robot Archer by Droakir Alien Rogue by Droakir
The Conjurer by Droakir MLP OC Portrait - Nova by Droakir MLP - Applejack by Droakir

Full Color with Simple Background - $120

MLP - Muffin? by Droakir

Full Color with Complex Background - $160

For custom quotes or commercial art inquiries:

Hey everyone! I was asked a couple of times over the past couple of weeks if I offered commissions. Mostly by new watchers and folks that I'd met. And the answer is... yes, I do! I've put together a couple of simple graphics giving prices above. Please note that the prices listed for commissions are for non-commercial uses only. I welcome fan art, fan characters, OC's... pretty much anything as long as it's not NSFW.

I'm going to try and limit commission slots for now, so if you'd like a slot for something, please either drop me an e-mail or send me a Note on DA. Commissions are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Have a wonderful day!

Cheers! :ahoy:

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Hmm, I might commission you when I get rich! :)
I only have a dollar so far. XD Need to save up!
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Haha - I totally understand.