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Quill and Ink

My tribute to the classical style. This image brings us back to the beginning... to a time before most modern conveniences existed.

Materials: Quill and Ink (surprising?) The ink is India Ink, and a basic art quill.
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So I really love this image? And I was wonderign if you would mind if someone, say me, would get a tattoo of it? :D If not then of course I understand, but I just had to ask!
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I've released the image as Creative Commons. So feel free! I'd love it if you sent me a photo of the result!
Awesome! Thank you so much! I'm still looking into finding the perfect artist (I'm aware that copying every single exact line might not be realistic but I want it done well you know? It is after all, permanent) But once I've gotten it inked I'll definitely send you a picture!:D 
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Sounds great!
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Great concept here, painting art tools with the very same art tools. :nod: Striking detail too. :thumbsup:
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Thanks Mark! I can't believe it's been over ten years since I did this piece. :D
Hi! Can I use this image for a cover on It's just an advising guide, and of course I'll give you proper credit!
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My illustration is distributed under Creative Commons. As long as you follow the license, you should be fine.

You are most welcome to use the image as part of your guide as long as the work you are using it in is not a commercial work and you link back to my gallery. Thanks for asking!


Mi ejemplo se distribuye bajo licencia Creative Commons. Siempre y cuando siga la licencia, que debe estar bien.

Usted puede utilizar la imagen como parte de su guía, siempre y cuando el trabajo que se esté utilizando, no es un trabajo comercial y me da credito. Gracias por preguntar!
Can my band use this logo for some T-shirts?  We are just starting out.
Michael Perez
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The image is free to use for non-commercial purposes. If you aren't going to be selling the T-shirts (just giving them away) you are free to use the image as long as you provide proper credit.
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Can I use this for a cover on It's literally a story with a whole bunch of one -shots, with different prompts. Trying to get to 10,000 words with different prompts and such. Its Harry Potter. I'll credit you.
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You are more than welcome to use the image. Just make sure you link back to my gallery and credit me by name.

Thanks for asking!
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thank you! It honestly wasn't a big deal, but I really liked your picture of a quill :)
Here's the link to the fanfic, if you're interested:…
it really fit because each chapter was about something different, and it's basically a writing exercise. I credit you in the summary, and I'm pretty sure in the author's note of the first chapter, and I posted the link to this page on my profile, towards the bottom where I talk about my stories, as I can't put links in chapters.
thanks again!
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Thanks for crediting me. I appreciate it. I'll check out your stories when I get a free moment. Have a wonderful week!
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Thanks! You, too! Happy Holidays!
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This is really great ^_^.
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Nicely drawn. I cn't use a quill anymore then I can fly. It's nice to see that yet another person can use such an elegant tool.
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Classically simple. Beautiful.
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I'm glad you liked it!
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Very cool! Nice job. :)
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I love the simplicity and textures!
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