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Nova's Lab - 006 - Chamomile

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The brightest part of my day is drinking my morning hot chocolate. Unfortunately they were out because of a certain somepony

((OOC: As I’m sure you are all well aware I keep jumping styles. From the simple to the very complex. I like the occasional super fancy full-color pages, but scheduling often makes it difficult to do a full comic that way. Currently I’m seeking a sort of “happy medium”. I really like the way this one turned out.)

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Illustrated in Manga Studio 5 EX

Nova's Lab © Droakir
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I suspect that you'll soon find, though, that a lack of hot chocolate will not remain today's main unpleasant surprise.
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Erm, one little question: estimated period between pages?
If it's not abandoned then should I mark [MONTH+] in my browser bookmarks?
Because I check weekly and, if not marked otherwise, delete abandoned comics from there after 4 weeks of nothing.
Droakir's avatar
I had to go on a temporary hiatus the past couple months due to a scheduling conflict that prevented me from producing regular updates to the comic. I'm actively in the process of fixing this conflict right now.

This series will start having updates at least once a month in the future (hopefully more... the original intention was for it to be weekly). How you mark stuff in your bookmarks to follow is, of course, completely up to you. If you follow the blog over on Tumblr or the comic here on DA (pretty easy if you're watching my account) you'll always have access whenever an update rolls out.

Cheers! :ahoy:

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Quite an info, thank you. Hope your problems will be fixed soon.
I don't use Tumblr and some comics are scattered across authors' whole galleries.
That's why I use browser bookmarks, it's easier to track the specific storyline.

Oh, if you look for some golden medium on comic style, I think the latest one is a way to go.
It won't take that much time to grayscale a lineart than to fully color it.
I'm sure, a good script should cover any issues with the lack of colors.
Have seen a good story drawn like "give me 5 minutes" and nothing could stop me from reading all the hundreds of pages till the end.
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Should've went with the green tea... :XD:
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Lol, that was great, really love the style and there is no problem going back and forth like that, at least to me.
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Yeah I bounce back and forth a lot. It's part of that "looks good vs. get updates out on a regular basis" types of trade-offs.
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Earl Gray. Only way to start. ^^
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studying that crystal has taken over his life!!!
Droakir's avatar
This is true. Too much focus on one thing can make one obsessive.
DJcroc2016's avatar
dangerously obsessive
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I like chamomile.  
Droakir's avatar
As do I! But Nova wanted hot chocolate... so he's having to settle for something he didn't originally want. It makes him sad.
MelianMarionette's avatar
Awww poor Nova!  The chocolate wakes you up but chamomile makes you sleepy!  Uh oh!  
Droakir's avatar
It's just not his morning. :D
MelianMarionette's avatar
And he is gonna mess with that crystal? Eek!  
Droakir's avatar
He's gonna do it... FOR SCIENCE! :evillaugh:
MelianMarionette's avatar
twilight sparkle mlp (oh my god) plz - uhhhh wait...r u shure?
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