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Nova's Lab - 004 - Introspection

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I thought the noise I’d heard earlier was some sort of magical item getting ready to explode again. That’d just be my luck… two explosions in one week. Thankfully, it just ended up being a pony driving a motorized vehicle down the hallway. 

When I did the analysis of the crystal I think I figured out a couple of things. It has something to do with that mirror that we dug up… at least, the spell has a similar underlying structure. But I’m pretty sure I killed the original spell. The crystal hasn’t responded to any of the tests I’ve done since my original analysis.

Here’s to hoping that I can recreate the spell matrix. Hopefully I can set up some safeguards this time… as well as figure out exactly what it does. You might think that somepony messing with spells they don’t fully understand is somepony who is reckless. But I know Star Swirl did it on a regular basis. And I hear that “Prized Pupil” of Celestia’s is always messing with spells she doesn’t fully understand too. So I figure if she can do it, I can too. Right?


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Illustrated in Manga Studio 5 EX

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
Nova's Lab © Droakir
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If Princess Celestia jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? I hope not, since you don't have wings.
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Nova: Princess Luna what are you OH SWEET CELESTIA YOUR SIST--oh she can fly. Nevermind.
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Now this so far is interesting.
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it so far!
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The crystal can talk!! :D
In the broken ramen noodles language.
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Haha... broken ramen. I love it!
DJcroc2016's avatar
Well it's longer bits and smaller bits. Just like noodles D:
J l ' `,'i ;
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You make a good point. :nod:
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Lovely colouring, especially the crystal in the second panel :clap:
Droakir's avatar
Heya Saiyan! Long time no see! Glad you like it!
Tundra-Sky's avatar
Howdy! It has indeed been a while. You're welcome :ahoy:
Droakir's avatar
Too long indeed! :ahoy:
MelianMarionette's avatar
You were born do draw ponies!  I love Nova so much!  

Uh oh.  I wonder what is going to happen now?  
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:aww: Thanks Mel! Nova would be flattered to hear you say that. :D
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Why thank you! I'm glad you like it!
TakaTheSquirrel's avatar
You are very welcome!  The lazy bones Sans Icon
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