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Nova's Lab 003 - Just Passing Through

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I need to invest in an actual door. With locks. This “open office” thing just really isn’t doing it for me.

It sometimes feels like this kind of thing happens every other day at the Institute. That particular mare, though… I think that might have been Cocoa Delight, special correspondent for Equestria Daily. Why she’s on one of our prototype cider squeezers, or why she’s looking for hot chocolate is anypony’s guess.


We see our first character cameo, Cocoa Delight, sometime-writer for Equestria Daily, making an appearance.


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Illustrated in Manga Studio 5 EX

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
Nova's Lab © Droakir
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Well.  Hot chocolate is important.  The cider squeezer was probably convenient and available for transport and well, Cocoa Delight may be a little ... different.  As to how it all got through the front door?  I have no idea sweetie.  
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It is a world filled with magic. Anything is possible. But for logicians and scientists, it just means a bigger and bigger headache. :D
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Boy that sure seems to be the case for poor Nova!
Droakir's avatar
Yeah. He just needs to relax a bit.
MelianMarionette's avatar
Yeah and take it slow!
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
How's she get the SSCS6000 from the Flim-Flam brothers?
Droakir's avatar
Option 1) It's in for repair.
Option 2) She stole it.
Option 3) Some combination of Options 1 and 2.

I'm leaning towards 2.
Perhaps you need to find a slightly saner institute.
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That might not be the worst suggestion.
tigreanpony's avatar
Don't ask just press the I believe button.
Droakir's avatar
He may just have to. :D
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It didn't fit through the door. Call your contractor.
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Good question, Nova.
And i'd worry about tartarus too if i didn't brush my teeth :o

So people interrupt you while you're working just to ask for directions?? Sounds like the institute is big :o
Droakir's avatar

Yeahhh... it's a big institution. Also his lab doesn't have doors. If you ever work in a cubicle, you'll know exactly how this feels.
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