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Nova's Lab - 001 - Introductions

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Nova: Greetings and salutations! I’m Blue Nova. But please… just call me Nova! Have a question about technomancy? You’ve come to the right pony!


To read the most up-to-date posts, and to ask questions or interact with the characters, feel free to comment here or check out the comic over on Tumblr! For those who simply prefer to read, I'll be posting the updates, grouped together as cartoon strips, here on DA.


Say hello to my side project, Nova's Lab! A little fan cartoon that I doodle for fun when I'm not banging my head against the wall stressing out about life, work, and university research. It's also the place where I practice new styles, techniques, and methods for producing pages of my other comics projects. So expect varying inking and coloring styles as this series progresses. 

Illustrated in Manga Studio 5 EX

MLP:FiM © Hasbro
Nova's Lab © Droakir
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Interesting, but why does he have the portal in his lab? Also, electrical outlets? We had much fancier pens (e.g. fountain pens) well before electrical outlets. If technomancer = building technology with magic, then there should be something less distinctinctly electrical featured.
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Thanks for your comments, and thanks for reading!

We know electricity exists in the world. Hydroelectric dams, video games, and computers are actual TV show canon and have shown up more than once. This comic is (loosely) based on the IDW MLP comics canon. We see some crazy tech combos in those books such as feather quills, television sets, and (yes) electric wall outlets popping up in the strangest places. I actually did some extensive checking on official sources (show, movies, books, comics) before adding them to the backgrounds of any of the panels to make sure that they did indeed appear in the official comics. Which they do. 

Many of your questions will definitely be addressed during the course of the comic. ;)
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To be honest, I would very much consider those instances to be bad writing in the sense that it's inconsistent. Especially the computers and video games. Those sorts of things irritate me to no end... when I notice them. It's all very well to have them in EQG, but they don't make much sense in Equestria. I'd probably have to rewatch the show, but medieval+modern is a very strange fusion that doesn't really make sense. I wish they could have been more consistent in the show.

Personally, I treat the comics about like I do fanart and fanfic, they really deviate too much from the show for me to be able to consider them canon. Sure, they're fun to read, but they're essentially AU to me. In any case, the technology is either powered by magic or electricity. Combining the two doesn't make much sense to me.

I look forward to seeing your answers.
Just make sure you remember to eat eventually. We both know what a fuss your stomach is going to kick up once you surface enough to notice.
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When he does, he'll probably want some hot chocolate.
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So basically someone who violates the space-continuum rules in order to exploit the laws of physics later?
Nice concept :)
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That about sums it up. :D
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When you're on the verge, it's hard to put it down. :icondragonnod1:
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I know this all too well. :D
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OH such a cute idea!  Technomancers are cool... but busy! 
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Looking forward to reading this one.
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Absolutely wonderful to see Nova make his first appearance in DeviantArt :D Love the format of this one, man. Looking forward to more!
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Thanks man! I'm glad that you like it!
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