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FoE - Steel Ranger Recruitment Poster

By Droakir
The Steel Rangers are recruiting! Help save Equestria from the striped menace!

This poster will be included in the upcoming Gardens of Equestria mods for Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4, replacing the "Courage Today, Victory Tomorrow!" in-game poster.

I had a serious amount of fun with this piece. From recreating the art style of the original piece to the aging of the poster itself (throwing in a lot of really subtle effects like faded/distressed ink, misaligned printing plates, etc.) it was a total blast from start to finish.

Steel Ranger design is loosely based on the Steel Ranger variant as seen on the original FoE cover art by Omny87.  Check out Omny87's original Steel Ranger pic here!

Cheers! :ahoy:


Art © Me (Droakir)
MLP:FiM © Hasbro.
Fallout © Bethesda/Zenimax Inc.
Fallout:Equestria © KKat
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© 2016 - 2021 Droakir
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WHoa thia is amazing work keep it up!
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!
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Um...Can dragons sign up?...No, I'm not, because I've never even met a zebra! (*mutters* but I can't say Equestria is morally better -that is war, no one is a hero or Villian)?...My pegasus friend, he'll tell you...That's him there...See, I told you...Yes, I know I'm a bit small, but that's because I'm not a normal dragon - desert dragon, you would take too long to explain...No, I can't, but I do have a strong jaw, and the flexibility and agility of my race...others can, I just can't do it because my fire pouch was damaged due to me hatching early...We're strong enough to wear the armour, but maybe the Pegasus version would be better...So, is it a yes, or a no?

Ok, I don't know why I did that, but I hope it does not look too stupid.
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"Of course you can join! Help us today to fight the zebra menace that plagues our streets and pollutes the minds of our children!" the earth pony recruiter shouts as he looks down from his clipboard while sitting stiffly in his uniform. The red poster of a rearing Steel Ranger could be seen affixed to the wall behind him.  "I'm sure we'll find a use for you."


Actually, I'm not sure if the original Fallout: Equestria book had any issues with dragons signing up. But as far as I could tell, they were only really geared against Zebras as the enemy.
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"Oh, thank you!" I said bowing to the recruiter.
"Be back here 5am tomorrow!" The earth pony called after me.
"I will!" I called back as I ran down the two corridors to my friend, who was waiting near the entrance to the recruitment building.
"They accepted me!" I said as I reached him.
"See, I told you," the stallion with a dark brown, messy mane said, reaching out to give me a congratulating pat on the head. "Now you'll have no choice but to stop wearing that stupid cloak."
"Of course! I can finally be a part of pony culture!" my smile faded and I bowed my head. "It took a war breaking out for me to pluck up the courage. I really am pathetic."
I did not see my friend shake his head slowly, but I did feel him wrap a foreleg around my back. "Hey, hey, that just shows how brave you are. You like ponies, our culture, our food, our cities so much that you are willing to risk your life for it. You are willing to be targeted by your bigger, scarier cousins to protect us."
I smiled again. "Thanks." A thought came to me as we began to walk, intending to return to my home from home, a small cave in the Everfree Forest. "That's actually something I don't understand."
"The fact that most dragons are going with the Zebras. I mean, even if they don't care about ponies, Equestria is the nation with gems. Given that gems are the main diet of common dragons, it just seems like they are leading themselves to their deaths, be it in the war or after its over."
"Hm..." the stallion tapped his chin. "Maybe they found that coal tastes better?"
"Oh, I've tried coal, and while it supposedly helps produce hotter, larger blasts of fire, it tastes disgusting. It is so bitter and grainy. I wouldn't eat it even if it could restore my fire pouch."
"Well..." the pegasus leaned in, eyes narrowed and voice a low whisper. "Maybe the zebras used their magic on them. Made them into thralls. They feel so pathetic - their large, powerful bodies no longer belonging to them."
"I...think dragons are immune to magic."
"Unicorn magic, maybe, but the Zebras can do all sorts of things with their potions."
"I guess we'll never know..." Another thought struck me. "I don't want to dampen the mood but...what are you going to do?"
"I mean, while all the other pegasi are fighting, what are going to do?" I stopped walking, moved in front of my friend and placed my fore claws on his shoulders. "What if you're forced to sign up? Threatened with death you if you don't? If you refuse tget clip your wings and toss you off the clouds! Or, or, just remove your wings entirely?"
"Claws! Claws!" the pegasus hissed.  
"Sorry," I returned to all fours, readjusting my glasses.
The Shadowbolts only take the best. I'll be fine."
"Then what are you going to do?" I returned to his side.
"I'm going to sign up for one of those Manehatten stables. Ponies are being put in them early."
"Manehatten? That's far away. Are you going you can fly that far?" He had tried to sign up for the Pegasus stable in the mountains, but the rich cunts he had for parents had somehow persuaded the Overmare to toss him out.
"Hey! I'm not that lazy!"
"That's not what I meant," I said. "What if you don't make it in time? What if something happens while you're flying there? What if--"
"I'll. Be. Fine." He said, in a more forceful tone. "You just focus on defending this great nation, Knight Tiamat."
They had reached the cave. "Actually, recruits are called Initiates."
"Well, I know you're going to be a Knight. You could even become a Star Paladin."
It was my turn to shake my head as I headed over to the food section of my meticulously arranged hoard. Instead of gems and gold, my collection consisted of various 'pony artefacts' I had taken - royal armour, books, tools, and mostly-broken technology. As I looked for some apples, yet another worry popped into my head. What was going to happen to my hoard?


Well, according to the story, most dragons went with the Zebras, but I do think, given Spike's involvement, they would be open to the possibility, but still be weary.
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Probably best trained for undercover work.

Fun story. :D
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Yas :). My OC is between the heights of Luna and Cadance, and my desert dragon race are slender, flexible and agile, their bodies build for speed and dexterity.

Well, thank you, I just pulled it out of the air for the comment.
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Well that's a lot of fun. Interesting character design... but it makes sense now that we've seen more canon dragons in the series.
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I just like smaller dragons. I'm actually working on a profile for her, both for the canon MLP universe and FoE!verse. The profile is far bigger than I thought it originally would be, and I'm stumped for the canon universe story. 
I have a description of deserts dragons themselves, if you are curious. I'm liking this little roleplay, so I would wonder what her small and skills would lend to spy work. I would get the feeling it would be infatuation off the zebra army, pretending to be another dragon mercenary.
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Well it certainly seems like a decent start. :)

I do think the concept is pretty solid. Dragon recruit for infiltration of the Zebras...
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I know what you mean!
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Suit up and prepare for the future!
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Durned tootin'! :D
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So epic. :D I love the texture.
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Thanks man! I had a lot of fun doing the paper texture on this one.
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