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enclave fallout houston

enclave commander w plasma caster
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Holy wow, what an amazing prop!  I will totally have to check out the fan film now.
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...I would be scared as all hell to fight that, unless I had Telsa or power armor. And a zap glove. Or a Gauss rifle.
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this probably took you a long time to make and you don't people saying it's bad. It's not bad but there's something off on the helmet, it looks a lot different, like you made your own touches to the armor.
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note its and "enclave commander" for the movie , changes in the entire design of the armor, was to show a "rank" not seen in the game , most of the build are not screen cannon , ,as the discription of the film says , verry looosely base off of the world of fallout .
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Okay but two things what's the movie and when is it coming out on Youtube or whatever?

and because I'm a huge Fallout fan, The Enclave ranking officers in Fallout 2 wore Advance power armor MK II witch is the same as remnants armor. Frank Horrigan is the only one that got different armor mainly because hes a giant mutant. In Fallout 3 High ranking officers wore green jackets and hats, Colonel Autumn wore a white over coat. Plus Sigma was brought into the picture, witch I'm guessing high ranking soldiers only wear Tesla& Hellfire armor. If there is a case where a high ranking trooper got a new set of armor it most likely not going to be a squad leader so more like a Sgt. But the Enclave would most likely give the armor to the secret service because that Frank Horrigan's squad, then giving to the Chosen One to kill frank.
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this might help . this is the pic storage for fallout houston(jusy another crappy fan film)LINK> [link] , and im very glad you know fallout history, part of the desin came from the fallout enclave original concept designs drawings , we have factions that are not from the game also .
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the Enclave are the best why do think my name is Sgt winters
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i kinda fig that
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my character is like a nerdy enclave soldier
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our enclave commander is just unstable
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epic win on this guy's part
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Hi! I would like to use this photo in an article as an illustration for Fallout cosplay. Please let me know if it's ok for you. Thanks!
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shure noproblem , just give credit to fallout houston [link]
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I wouldn't want to see you in a dark alley :|
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the enclave only armor competition!
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thank you , but the game aint over ! and you have time to refine a drawing , and resubmit ,i just have a big rubber suit !
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hopefully I'll have time this weekend.
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finish your home work first (and do it right ) sorry i have 2 girls in collage !!!
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hey, I only draw on the weekends for the most part bro, so don't worry about that. I want to get into a good art college so I can pursue my dream of being a concept artist (of the Fallout series, preferably)
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just remember us little people !
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