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Miraculous Ladybug (PV) Miraculous Masquerade Ch2
"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" Plagg screeched with an expression of disbelief.
Felix simply remained aloof, pausing silently in front of the gold adorned full-length mirror of his lavishly designed bedroom adjusting his neckline. From the waist up, aside from his usual, immaculate black trousers, the dignified heir to the Agreste fortune stood dressed in an extremely loud red tuxedo jacket, heavily adorned with small black spots, the same design remained on a matching bowtie that clashed with his black silk dress shirt.
"DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DRESSED AS?!" The cat sprite demanded. It's eyes bulging with revulsion.
Now, Felix actually took notice of the creature, his eyes cutting over to it's direction with an air of annoyance. "Of COURSE I know! I'm not exactly wearing this for my health, Plagg!" He snapped.
"You're not doing it for MINE, EITHER!" Plagg winced, scooting back. "What are you even THINKING wearing that pattern?! I think that high-kicking witch you're into has gone to you
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 5 4
Ladybug PV Fake VHS Cover 2 by DrMuttonchops Ladybug PV Fake VHS Cover 2 :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 16 5 Pig Ornament by DrMuttonchops Pig Ornament :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 2 1 Miraculous Ladybug Fake VHS Cover by DrMuttonchops Miraculous Ladybug Fake VHS Cover :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 15 5
Miraculous Ladybug PV - Mayor's Mayday Chapter 2
"WH..WHAT is HE DOING THERE?!" Marinette shouted in disbelief at the horrific sight. The UNMISTAKABLE digital image of the evil, invisibly armed terrorist, The Mime, appeared in the corner of her television screen.
"Whatever it is, Marinette, it CAN'T be good! You know what must be done!" Tikki declared emphatically.
Marinette looked over at the Kwami with a determined expression, and a curt, decisive nod of her head. Then, leaping off her bed, and standing firmly in the middle of the room, the young lady reached over to her ladybug earring, and flicked it with her thumb and forefinger, shouting enthusiastically "TIKKI, SPOTS ON!" prompting an unearthly golden glow from the jewelry. Tikki catapulted towards the earring and the golden glow enveloped Marinette, forming a red, black spotted Ladybug spandex costume on her body like a second skin, a red eye mask formed upon her face, a golden chained belt with her Lucky Charm yo-yo strapped to her hip, and long, flowing red ribbons sprouted
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 6 1
Miraculous Ladybug PV: Mayor's Mayday (Chapter 1)
[Our proud Mayor, André Bourgeois, was on hand to attend to the cleanup effort for the remainder of the horrible attack on the city by the deranged terrorist calling himself Papillon..] The fancily dressed, well coiffed reporter cheerfully intoned into her microphone from the hi-def telecast.
Behind her, shots from a respectable distance of His Honor, dressed in a workman's uniform, gloves and hardhat, seeming to earnestly work along with his fellow citizens, hauling pieces of concrete into large plastic bins, played on a digital screen.
The pair of weathered, heavily lidded, silver jade eyes stared back at the screen in a blase fashion.
"He seems quite apt for his reelection campaign, now doesn't he?" The man's cool, dulcet tone of voice observed as he viewed the footage from a quite large high definition television.
The voice, belonging to the aged, but well chiseled, handsome face of the villainous Papillon, sitting in a darkened, lavishly furnished room. He reclined in a comfo
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 8 2
Buick Roadmaster by DrMuttonchops Buick Roadmaster :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 3 0 Ford Model A by DrMuttonchops Ford Model A :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 2 0 Sunset by DrMuttonchops Sunset :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 3 2
Miraculous Ladybug - Outfoxed (Chapter 5)
With the fleetness and rapid motion that pretty much only comes with running scared, despite her belief that she had temporarily desposed of the two costumed heroes in her way, Volpina glided upon her black fox-toed boots upon the school hallway's lineolium floor until she reached the stairs that led to the building's rooftop. Suddenly, her tall ears attactched to the top of her head pricked up at the sound of approaching footsteps and the familiar voices of her foes!
"Ah!" She exclaimed out loud with a surprised expression "Is there NOTHING that will halt these two?!"
She bolted up the stairs to the door and pressed her force against it. LOCKED! With her pulse rapidly increasing, Volpina quickly squeaked a series of notes on her flute, to which the door sprung open as if automatically! Almost as though there were springs in her feet, Volpina leaped into the cool night air atop the roof of the building. Quickly shutting the door behind her! The worried thief then sprinted to the roof's
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 7 4
Miraculous Ladybug - Outfoxed (Chapter 4)
The crickets chirped their usual repetitive symphony over the moonlit sight of the schoolgrounds, and all seemed peaceful and calm.
[ZIP) The mysterious shape fluttered by the trees near the left hand side of the building. The figure spotted the window upon the third floor window that led to the history class.
A soft, haunting melody permeated the cool, crisp air and, almost as if by some ghostly force, the window panes were gently pushed open.
In the cluster of trees on the opposite side, like a ninja warrior, Ladybug crouched, waiting.. With this action, her hair strand and pigtails sprang to life! "AH! It's her!" she nearly said out loud
"Be careful, Ladybug!" Tikki shouted from inside her earring.
Then, with the skill of an acrobat, the shape of the mischievous Phantom Thief scurried up the tree closest her, then lept to the window ledge above the tallest branch and into the room!
"AH! I've got to hurry!" Ladybug exclaimed, before sprinting to the tree, snatching the Lucky Charm at
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 11 3
Miraculous Ladybug - Outfoxed (Chapter 3)
The atmosphere in the massive, sparsely decorated room of the mansion brought to mind the words: Cold.. Evil.. Intimidating.. Practically everything was shrouded in shadow, dimly lit by an elaborate jewel chandelier.
The drumming of Papillon's well manicured fingernails upon his glossy white marble countertop in an equally darkened room matched the rythym of his pulse as his piercing, hate filled eyes stared impatiently at the plasma screen projecting the security camera footage of the room in question. He had possibly made a mistake with this girl, she was too clever.. Too independent.. But he wouldn't have to worry about her for long..
Then.. Just as he'd completed this train of thought, there she was.. Volpina had quickly, and effortlessly performed a midair summersault from somewhere in the ceiling, right into the room! Immediately, she was standing straight and alert, looking around for any sign of a possible setup.
"Right on time, as usual, and the typical unexpected entrance as
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 10 2
Miraculous Ladybug Fake Anime Volume 2 DVD Cover by DrMuttonchops Miraculous Ladybug Fake Anime Volume 2 DVD Cover :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 22 1 Monster Mutt VHS Video Edit by DrMuttonchops Monster Mutt VHS Video Edit :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 6 0 The Day the Clown Cried - Page 3 by DrMuttonchops The Day the Clown Cried - Page 3 :icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 4 0
Detective Conan - Alternate Bourbon Arc Chapter 17
"Well.. What are the suspect's stories?" Megure asked half patiently, standing in front of the three Santa's Helpers and the Detectives who'd been questioning them.
Detective Takagi  stepped forward first. "According to Miss Takui, after she helped to put Mr. Kokuryu in the back room, she went back to the locker room to adjust her makeup." He reported.
"Detective Sato?" Megure asked.
"Yes, Inspector." Sato replied. "Miss Kokuryu retreated back to her office to call her Father's Lawyer and let him know as there was the possibility he'd be fired for drinking on the job."
"Hmm.. I see.." Megure replied.
"Yes, except I'll have to call him for a different reason, now.." Suzuko articulated in between sniffling, while running her finger around her elf ear.
"Chiba?" Megure addressed the slightly chubby detective standing next to the temperamental Ruriko.
"Well, Inspector, Miss Ohara claims that she was in the ladies room, calling a friend who performs in a band with her on some detail, bu
:icondrmuttonchops:DrMuttonchops 0 4


Supergirl m2 Panel 4  by Rogelioroman by THE-Darcsyde Supergirl m2 Panel 4 by Rogelioroman :iconthe-darcsyde:THE-Darcsyde 50 2 Daughter of krypton: Supergirl by Xeitone Daughter of krypton: Supergirl :iconxeitone:Xeitone 21 1 Fleischer Superwoman by StudioKatsumi Fleischer Superwoman :iconstudiokatsumi:StudioKatsumi 146 11 Superwoman (18) by StudioKatsumi Superwoman (18) :iconstudiokatsumi:StudioKatsumi 30 1 Superwoman By Flowerxl by chrlorez Superwoman By Flowerxl :iconchrlorez:chrlorez 133 19 Superwoman Laurel Kent by BlackheartedPhoenix Superwoman Laurel Kent :iconblackheartedphoenix:BlackheartedPhoenix 4 0 Supergirl 37 by battle810 Supergirl 37 :iconbattle810:battle810 143 6 DC Super Hero Girls in a Nutshell by LaddyLegasus DC Super Hero Girls in a Nutshell :iconladdylegasus:LaddyLegasus 42 12 Fanart 96 Supergirl by justsantiago Fanart 96 Supergirl :iconjustsantiago:justsantiago 72 20 Power. by new-ereon Power. :iconnew-ereon:new-ereon 56 2 Supergirl Variant wx8 by Rogelioroman by THE-Darcsyde Supergirl Variant wx8 by Rogelioroman :iconthe-darcsyde:THE-Darcsyde 36 2 Supergirl variant 8 by Rogelioroman by THE-Darcsyde Supergirl variant 8 by Rogelioroman :iconthe-darcsyde:THE-Darcsyde 33 2 Superman meets Lois Lane 1938 by DESPOP Superman meets Lois Lane 1938 :icondespop:DESPOP 170 16 Found Art: Miss America # 2 Timely Comics by akirajay38 Found Art: Miss America # 2 Timely Comics :iconakirajay38:akirajay38 3 0 MS PAINT Miss America by marmite-is-cool MS PAINT Miss America :iconmarmite-is-cool:marmite-is-cool 3 1 Miss America by DaswookofHeromorph Miss America :icondaswookofheromorph:DaswookofHeromorph 5 0



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Favourite style of art: Classical
Favourite cartoon character:Space Ghost
Personal Quote: "I'm just a little guy with big dreams."

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