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Gothic II Logo

Here's a Gothic Logo I made some time ago for a fanart. You can download the full image with transparent background!
Use it however you like, you don't have to credit me but it would be nice if you do :)
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Best game ever.
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W... O... W...! It's awesome!

How did you do?
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Glad you like it!
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Awesome! Instant favourite! You were inspired by the Risen logo, right? Could you make one for Gothic 3? We miss that awesome 3 (even though I usually prefer III). What would also be awesome to have is this one in a Night of the Raven version (with the subtitle added and maybe in blue?). Actually, it would be nice to have all in different colors so they would be different that way.
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Well, it is a little bit inspired in the Risen logo. The reason I uploaded this is because I want you guys to use it in your deviations! Maybe I'll do that 3 though...
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Oh, ok... those were just some ideas that I had.
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Wow, good logo. :)
Fits perfect for some wallpaper or something. :D

:empllama: :eyepopping: :emplllama:
I’m Polish, and I’m really proud of it.
Icon made by =IamSubZero
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That's right! I want the Gothic community to use it in their deviations!
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