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The Power of Friendship


Yeah I watch My Little Pony. It's one of the better cartoons out there right now I think (well, the third season was mediocre but this new season is much much better). Also it has all the pretty colors. :flirty:

Anyway, the friendship between Fluttershy and Discord is adorable. It makes me happy.
Also it's about goddamn time Discord got a song. I was waiting with bated breath for him to have a song. And he finally got one. Now he needs another one. A duet. Yes, that would be good.

WIP at my Tumblr -->…

CC: Bernard and Bianca by MistyTang Flight Speedpaint by MistyTang Show Me Everything by MistyTang CC: Sinbad and Parisa by MistyTang CC: Orko and Dree Elle by MistyTang Hjoerdis by MistyTang

Pencil and CG.
Fluttershy and Discord (c) Lauren Faust probably.
Artwork (c) Me!
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This makes me very happy :D
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I'm not such a fan of MLP, but damn, that is a really good drawing :D
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Thank you!
MLP is a nice show; great for the kiddies. Plus I like all the bright colors. :)
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Haha yea seems like a nice show, just not my prefernce x3  Anyways keep up the awesome work!!!! :D
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Cute drawing! Those two make good friends!:)
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:aww: I love Discord & Fluttershy! Thank you for making this~!
Ah, and if you want him in a duet, here's just about my favorite fan song "Daddy Discord".…
Give it a listen why not :thumbsup: Very Phantom of the Opera-esque~
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Just starting to watch this show and yay you drawing fanart for it :D They look great in your style.
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It's a really cute show. :nod: Hope you enjoy it!
And thank you~
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Thanks, I'm sure I will :) And you're welcome!
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I love seeing these characters in your style. Fluttershy is totally my homegirl, and I love the volume you've gotten in her hair. I also really like the way you've done Discord all up and around her space.
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Heehee, well thank you! Discord is not one to respect personal space, and I like this sort of twisty posing so I just had fun with it. :nod:
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Yeah. Mostly after what we saw and learned in the previous episode. They write letters to each others apparently. From the beginning, people shipped them.

But it's so cute to see how Discord is around Fluttershy.

Wonderful work
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Ew don't ship them wtf
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Heh. Not me who made it. Their (platonic, friendly) relationship is still quite adorable.
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Yeah... But no shipping :<
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I don't have to power to make it stop.
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Really wonderful piece.
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