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Queen La

She had not intended that he should ever leave Opar, for she had looked upon his giant frame and handsome face with the eyes of a woman and not those of a priestess.

This is Queen La from the Tarzan animated TV series for the :icondisney-club: Villains collaboration. :heart:
Because I adore drawing unloved/forgotten characters.
Read more about the collaboration here: [link]
Check out the other contributors, too! --> [link]

The Tarzan TV series was hit and miss for me, but I got a lot of good chuckles out of it. And, you know, Disney almost never fails when it comes to great characters and designs. Ah, perfection.

Actually, I like the TV series more now as an adult than I did as a kid. A lot of the time as a kid I was like, "Whaaaat?" (especially when Tarzan went to fight dinosaurs).
But now, as an adult--and Edgar Rice Burroughs fan--I appreciate the series a lot more. Queen La, the leopard men, the dinosaurs, etc, were all in the Tarzan books. I love it when you can tell that the people in charge of making these movies and shows are fans of the ERB books. So many Burroughs touches. I love it!

Anyway, Queen La is briefly in the opening for the cartoon, if you wanna take a gander: [link] :eyes:

Oh! Just in case you're wondering: I left Queen La's arm open like that, and her eyes looking off to the side, for potential interaction with other villains that will be in the Villains collaboration.

By the way, the quote above is from the second Tarzan book, not the TV series. ;)


Pencil, ink and CG.
Queen La (c) ERB and Disney
Artwork (c) Me, baby.
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It's also been confirmed she is from Atlantis in the series. 

Yes... THAT Atlantis. 

Also, she was naked in the books. 
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You're preaching to the choir here.
No, just a little fun fact. 
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Preaching to the choir = You would be wasting your time. The expression refers to the pointlessness of a priest or preacher trying to convert those who sing gospel songs in church, since it is obvious that they share his faith and conviction. Another way of saying preaching to the choir, is preaching to the converted. :)
Are you accusing me of something?

All I said was just something you might find a little interesting. 

I had no idea you may have already known that.

I apologize if I did anything wrong. 
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:lol: No. But a lot of people like to inform me of things I already know. Being a big Disney fan and a big Edgar Rice Burroughs fan there's very little I don't know. So. :)
One thing I wish the Tarzan series included were the Mejars whenever they went to Pellucidar. 
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You mean the Mahars? Yeah that woulda been cool.
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I remember when I was younger I never got to see her in a proper appearance. Every episode I saw was about something else, so I only ever briefly saw her during the intro. I was always fascinated by her, mainly cause she was so mysterious to me. This is a really well done piece.
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Oh, how interesting!
Thanks very much, I'm glad you like my piece. :)
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I remember seeing this Disney hottie as a kid. Very well done indeed.
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Wow, she really looks evil and beautiful! :) And I like bright and juicy colors that you used. :)
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Thanks very much. :)
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You're welcome! :)
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Fantastic work on the lighting and shadows plus I love the color and her expression makes me smile
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Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoy it. :)
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I loved it, it was my pleasure!~
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Fantastic work! Evil never looked so good;)
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For sure! Disney always does the best villains. ;)
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They definitely do!!!
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