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Coven - Nancy Downs

By DrMistyTang
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"The only way you know how to treat women is by treating them like whores, when you're the whore! And that's gonna stop!"

The Craft really isn't a very good movie. But, it's got some neat things in it--mostly Fairuza Balk (and Robin Tunney too). It's one of those quintessential 90s guilty pleasures, something easy to throw on an a lazy Sunday afternoon~ :heart:

The way Fairuza Balk is styled in the movie, she often looks like she's straight out of a black and white picture. Therefore, I went for a black and white feel (with a bit of sepia, because I like the sepia).

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You caricatured her so well! You especially got her "creepy face" from that scene well. Excellent!

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I'm glad you like this one! She was a lot of fun to draw, actually. :heart:

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... what do you mean by "really isn't a very good movie"? It's a perfect movie - perfect as a 90s cheese with extra serving of cheese. I don't even feel guilty when rewatching it.

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Oh as far as cheese and guilty pleasures go, you're absolutely correct; it's totally perfect. :lol:

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I have a particularly fond memory related with that movie due to bunch of reasons. See, in Polish education system, there is a spot on subject known as "Religion". A priest from local parish or a hired theologian is giving a lesson on Catholic doctrine (don't ask, it's a Polish thing and ironically one of the reasons the Church is dwindling in numbers ever since it was pushed into curriculum in early 90s). In mid-school, when the theologian running the class went on maternal leave, we ended up with entire slew of substitute teachers on her spot for about a month, until a stable replacement was found. One particular time we got the classic "overzealous maniac that sees Satan in everything" (they generally don't send people like that to do this job, for obvious reasons, not to mention it being a non-issue in Poland in general). She suddenly started at random to rant mid-lesson about the evils of media and propagation of satanism in them, fixating over The Craft...

... and it quickly turned out to be her own, VERY guilty pleasure to watch, much to the class' amusement and her increasing embarrassment, because she just couldn't stop herself from talking about it.

Whenever someone brings that movie up, I see her beetroot-red face, being played up by bunch of teens to dig herself deeper as a closeted fangirl.

Oh, and the best part? Roughtly half of the class never even heard about this movie, but by the end of the week, everyone already saw it. No such thing like bad publicity I guess.

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I would most definitely watch THAT movie!

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It's a great guilty pleasure!

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Love the character design and drawing style here. It feels deliciously creepy and you can feel her anger~ Awesome work.

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Thanks gurlfran! I don't know who was in charge of styling Fairuza Balk for the movie, but they did a good good job. :D Lots of fun to draw!

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Dear Fairuza...she went from Dorothy to Wicked Witch in 12 years!

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Are you going to do Practical Magic?

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I think I've only seen that one once, and I honestly don't remember it. I'd have to give it a rewatch~

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