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August 6, 2012
CC: Quaid and Melina by *MistyTang
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by DrZime
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CC: Quaid and Melina

Melina: That was your wife?
Quaid: :iconsadnodplz:
Melina: What a bitch!


Today is Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday, so I thought I'd take a break from commission work to whip something up~ :party:

Also I'm getting freaking tired of all the remakes (and fraudulent sequels) coming out these past few years--Total Recall being one of them for some reason. I mean, really? Why remake a movie like Total Recall? You can't outdo Schwarzenegger, and you can't outdo Goldsmith's score. Also I don't particularly like Jessica Biel, and she's in the role of Melina. Gross.

ANYWAY. So that's why I chose to do a CC for Total Recall. :heart: One of my favorite Schwarzenegger movies~ Watched it a lot as a kid, and it's always been a hoot to watch. Great action sci-fi schlock. :giggle:

Posted a WIP at my Tumblr --> [link]

Couples Collection

Commission Information

Pencil and CG.
Quaid and Melina (c) ...uh... I don't actually know.
Artwork (c) Me, Jaclyn Renata Weber.
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© 2012 - 2021 DrMistyTang
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The couple that shoots together stays together?  :slow:
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I saw that movie five days ago...
It's awesome. :nod:
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this is soo close to the movie. good job
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"Get ya auss bak ta Mas/ Get ya auss bak ta Mas/ Get ya auss bak ta Mas"
maxvision92's avatar
It's so nice, you don't even care that she may or may not even exist.
Rinjapine's avatar
seconded on the remake sentiments. SO seconded!
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Quaid and Melina (c) Studio Canal & Lionsgate, Inc.
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That's not a real safe direction to point your gun in particular, even if the safety is on!!
DrMistyTang's avatar
But it makes for a good action pose. :shh:
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I know, I see that; I just take it to be my duty as a reponsible deviant to bring up the issue of safety to the deviator(s)I run into! Great Deviation by the way!

I also wanna say that I'm not against a remake(s)at all! Everyone t is against em are usually so because they feel it'll ruin the original! That's upwards of saying someone's younger brother/sister can ruin the image of the older of the two when the actions of each individual should fall on themselves respectively as well as any other parties involved!
DrMistyTang's avatar
Hahah, I can understand that. But, I promise I know all about gun safety (I own several firearms).

I'm not exactly against remakes. If you can truly make the remake better than the original, or put some kind of new interesting spin on it, then it'd be great! But in my experience, that's very rarely happened.
KeirTanaka's avatar
You can own all the guns on the planet and still(accidently)trip over your own artillery and shoot yourself in the leg(or worse)my stand is "why risk it" as my mother taught me! Not trying to convince you to alter it, just discussing gun safety; I figure I'd be hard-pressed to convince you to do so just as someone would be to convince me to alter my works!

What's wrong with a remake ending up every bit as good as the original or approaching the same amount of fun to watch!? I recall quite a few remakes that either had "a new spin" or "had some great misdirection" that exploited what people knew about the original!
DrMistyTang's avatar
Really, there is no need to lecture me on gun safety. I have lived with guns all my life. :) And this is just a picture, if I somehow offended you with my posing, I apologize. I was just paying homage to one of my favorite action-schlock movies. :shrug:
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:rofl: I thought we were just having fun! I apologize if I offended you and/or your firearm expertise:bow:

I also wanted to say that(in my experience)the most famous side-aspect of the original Total Recall that I actually hope doesn't make it to the remake(in ANY shape/form or fashion)is that triboob escort lady mutant:puke:
DrMistyTang's avatar
Nope, that made it in somehow. Only I think they made it stupider, because it had nothing to do with anything at all. Because at least in the original film, silly as it was, did at least lend something to the story and the feel of the world.
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HiguralllNatume's avatar
I just want to tell you, that this drawing was the only reason I picked up Total Recall at the library and now it's one of my top favorite films ever.

Thanks for the great recommendations that is your couple collections.
DrMistyTang's avatar
Ooh, I'm so glad to know that you gave the flick a watch, and even more glad to know that you enjoyed it so much! :la:
LovelyLocks's avatar
Very cool!! It looks just like them~! :w00t:
And a big congrats on the DD~! :party: May you have many more of them to come! :D
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