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Princess Twilight Pancake

By DrLonePony
So this is this weeks Picture from the new ep. Castle Sweet Castle
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Awwwwwwww I died of cuteness

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The 126 people who favourited this are Pancake.

The 16 who commented are awake.

But what of those who did both?

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Where's her wings?
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Look closer ;) (Wink) 
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awwwww so cute

I'm pancake I mean awake
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Twilight Sparkle - "Huh?! I'm pancake! I mean, awake..."
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I hope we get to see more of her adorkableness this season. 
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Oh I started laughing when Twilight said: "I'm pancake. I mean awake."
It shows how silly they're trying to make Twilight look.
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Hey there! Mind if I use this for one of my video thumbnails? owo
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Her most adorkable moment by far.

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She looked pretty messed up here. But still cute.
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Twi's new cutest moment!
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Yeah, that's how I wake up in the morning too
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