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The Newgrounds Tank

And wouldn't you know it! More fan art!

Special thanks goes to Osuka & Paper-Shadow for helping me out with this. Seriously, thanks!

At least this is one piece everyone should be able to identify. If not...then go check out Newgrounds. I'm not going to spend my time explaining that. What I will waste my time on is explaining how this all came about.

It was actually while watching 'Sprite TV 2', and for the preloader, it had an image of the Tank that you could mess around with. Attempting to PrintScreen the image failed, as the image was immediately JPEG'd. So I went and wrote a message to the lead creator of the animation, Osuka, and asked him who created the preloader. He pointed me to Paper-Shadow, who supplied me with the images he used. They weren't quite what I was hoping for, so instead, I gave another shot at using PrintScreen.

Zoomed in on the image, I tried again, and it was high enough in quality for me to use it. I did have to go by a different scale (5x5 rather than 1x1), but eventually I got it done. I finished the colouring today...damn, it was worth it.
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Thank you. I'm sort of surprised that someone managed to stumble upon this.
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wow thats fuckin amazing
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mhmmm *nods furiously*
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Sorry, I forgot to mention something...

Once I got the pictures, I put them on a flash layer, and used a pixel tool to recreate the tank...

So that is why the image link I sent wasn't what you expected...
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Well, that would explain a few things. I still appreciate the help, though.
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