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Link's So Hungry

Alternate Title: CD-i + DrkTr14ce = Wtf?

Original Quote: "Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Otorock."

Ok, considering that it's one of my more Popular drawings, this is essentially the sequel to Link Can't Wait. Taking another quote from those godawful CD-i Zelda games, I've gone and crafted this quick and simple drawing in literally less than a day.

Seriously. Outline, colouring, even the text. All in one day. I'm proud of me.

Personal thanks goes out to two main people: Frostythewargod, a good friend of mine, whom I made the first drawing for and continues to find me more random shit to consider drawing;
And HardcoreEskimoKisses, seeing as how I'm still giggling like a schoolgirl internally for her needlepoint version of Link Can't Wait. Thanks!
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Many thanks. They're taken from the GBC Oracle of Seasons/Ages games.
AHA! That ^^ is frickin' awesome!
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Thank you. Some day I'll make another.
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i never knew they were edible... love it, i think i might try to find these games somewhere
DrkTr14ce's avatar sure about that?

Listen, take my advice. Go over to ScrewAttack or GameTrailers, and look up AVGN (The Angry VideoGame Nerd). He's played all three of the LoZ CD-i games, along with Hotel Mario. After watching that, you might want to re-think your idea.

Not..uh..not that I'm trying to be rude, or anything. If you want to go ahead, attempt to play the games, witness the humourously bad cutscenes, then by all means, take a shot at it. But if you do, make sure to upload some of it on Youtube in HD quality, or something. Finding those cutscenes in a decent quality is next to impossible.
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its too late, im looking for a way to play them, and i will upload them, if i can find a good screen recorder for my laptop. are they really that bad?
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Again, I'll point your attention over to the AVGN videos to fully answer your questions. Based in my viewings of that, other footage, and readings, the games really are as bad as most people make them out to be.

Good luck on preserving your sanity.
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it could ALWAYS be worse
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....Ok, the AVGN has proven that there is indeed something worse: Over on his website (Google the name 'Cinemassacre';), he's get another AVGN video up for a 3DO review of this game called "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties".

WARNING: Really bad game.
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ok, THAT is bad
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Indeed. Prepare yourself for his next one, though. It ought to be entertaining.
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Hehe, brilliant ^^ Thanks for the good laugh to begin a day!
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Ah, you're welcome. Nothing starts a day off better than a random bit of poor diologue from one of the few bad Legend of Zelda games.
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cool =>

Please visit my dragon ->[link]
Icon ->[link]
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to much time, perhaps? lol
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That's awesome!!
I love it!
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Spread the word, then! Let everyone know of this drawing and it's epic proportions!
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Lol. That's seemingly the last thing I'd expect to see today.
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