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Link can't wait

New artwork!
Completion time: 3 Days
(Well, ok...4 Days. I finished at 00:04, 6/27/2008)

This is a drawing done as a Birthday gift for Frosty the War God, an actual friend of mine.

Ok, the joke behind this one is a long one:
The quote is from TLOZ: The Wand of Gamelon, a crappy game for the Phillips CD-i system, which Nintendo helped make. It is so bad, it would probably give you Cancer. Or at least appreciate the Wii a lot more.

Anyways, thanks to the magic that is the Internet, people over on Youtube have been using the cutscenes and voice acting from the game, along with Hotel Mario, and create a combination of weird shit, and comedic randomness. They're commonly referred to as 'Youtube Poops' (YTPs).

FrostyTheWarGod, my friend, makes Youtube Poops for fun. And so, knowing this, I threw together a picture of Link holding a bomb going to throw it at a Dodongo, along with the text below it. I though it was funny enough to draw it for a gift. And so, there you have it.
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i like the humor, reminds me of the first time i did dodongos cavern in ocarina of time :frustrated:
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Well thanks. I'll honestly admit, I haven't played much of Ocorina of Time; though I gather that it's a frustrating experience.
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oh yes, it taught me that link never really learnt to jump the way he faces, and that alone killed me enough times
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That's such a great idea! Congrats! I discovered this crappy game through a test video on a french website about video games and I just laughed for about an hour :D Thanks for giving me a good laugh too.
DrkTr14ce's avatar
Well, you're welcome. Thankfully the game itself made you laugh instead of making you die, as if it were that videotape from The Ring, or something. XD
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I could have died out of laugh, it was close :-P
DrkTr14ce's avatar
Uh...crap! I need one of those lawyer guys from those advertisements to announce a disclaimer concerning my lack of responsibility should a person die as a result of laughing too hard while viewing my collection of artwork.
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Great idea! And why not shoot you in the feet too! ^^'
But the risk is not to be ignored, I can tell.
BlaackSheeep's avatar
You, mi good sir, are a freak. A great freak.
DrkTr14ce's avatar
Funny, really. You're not the first to call me that. XD
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Yo. That's graph paper.
I changed my mind. Bomb the hell out of it.

You've earned it.
DrkTr14ce's avatar
I would assume so. You'd be surprised how bloody long it takes to colour it all in neatly.
Gymnotide's avatar
GARR. You put that bomb back in your bomb bag.
Dodongos are totally cute.
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