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Kart Fighter

Well, here's one of those pictures I've been meaning to do. This is...uh..well, sprites of Mario and Luigi as they appeared in the game Kart Fighter, which as you can guess, was a Pirate game made for the NES. It's sub-par when compared to other pirated and hacked games, and ungodly awful when compared to your run-of-the-mill Nintendo game.

The original idea to do this came to me after watching Pirate ROM Hunt #35, as done by CrashmanEXE. Here's a link to the video. And while you're at it, go check out the other ones he's done, ok?


WARNING: Extreme Sprite Modification

These weren't too bad, but I went and added a black outline to them and their outfits, fixed the faces a little, added an outline to the golden-yellow part of Luigi's hat, and changed the colour of the shoes to brown. So overall, they're much easier on the eyes than their original forms. At least to me, anyways.
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It sucks that the video's no longer available. At least i could see his other video... And what a laugh Kart Fighter is. :lol:
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Yeah, but there's countless other videos showcasing the absurdity of the game, not to mention how much it sucks.
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Aye. It's always good for a laugh. (Oddly enough, me and a friend were mocking it yesterday while we were playing it. =p)
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Whee~ cool! x3
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o.o Uh.....thanks?
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