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I'd hit that.

About freaking time I've gotten something new up here. Seriously, it's been HOW long? Enough of my personal complaining, though.

I'm sure some of you (mainly my closer friends) have already seen the needlepoint of 'Link Can't Wait'. If you haven't, then you've missed out and should see it. It's seemingly the best thing, artwise, that's happened to me.

Anyways, she went and did a new needlepoint, which is of the drawing you see above you. So I told her (via Comments) that it's my next idea for a drawing. And so here we are, roughly two days (or so) later, and it's already freaking done! Enjoy!

Credit for the original needlepoint goes to HardcoreEskimoKisses.
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I know I would too.

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O-M-G! Dude! O.O! That's - AWESOME! ^^ :lol: I love it it is absolutely amusing.
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Oh my!
Thi look awesome!
Great job!
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This is brilliant! Keep going! :D
It makes me want to stitch some of your art too ^^
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Heh. If you really feel like using up precious time by doing that, then I won't stop you. All I ask is for credit where credit is due.
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I'm ok with that ^^
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