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mod: Lila Da Kot
same model:



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(This is my first official critique, apologies if it doesn't meet your expectations.)

This image has struck me pretty deeply, most importantly in its lighting, colour, as well as the model's expression and pose.

What I saw first from the thumbnail was the shade of blue... It is a very lovely blue - rich, with a hint of green in it. To be honest, I haven't found many artistic nudes done in blue lighting (or what appears to be blue lighting) that I've liked much... Over here it contributes to the mood of the picture, makes it look rather creepy, unnatural. Very fitting, seeing as how she is in a dark, desolate place that's in ruins... The colour makes me imagine that it must be cold in there.

Second, the lighting - I love the high dynamic range in here, how the tones in the picture range from the almost-white at the window and the model's skin, to the black of the shadows next to the model, and that on her left side. The high contrast makes the picture very appealing to me, and I like how it highlights the model's pose and curves. Most of the bright light is on the model's body, drawing a lot of my attention there --

And her pose is just beautiful. The parallel lines of her forearms are what draws me in first when I look at the picture (love the curves there), as well as how her fingers are aligned so neatly... 'Til now I'm wondering why she is posed this way... There seems to be a story here. The raised fists are a defensive pose, yet she holds them gracefully, with little tension in her forearms... Her gaze is wary, off into the distance, as if she's readying herself to meet someone/something in this creepy place, further adding to the storyline.

I also really like the angle of her body, how she's posed such that her lower body catches the light and the curves there are accentuated... I like how her skin is not smoothed-over digitally, and you can see the natural texture of her skin, especially her belly/close where her nether lips are. There is also a flow along her body that I really like, from the outline of her hair, to the curve of her back and hip and leg. (Minor detail here: why is there a shadow under her right eye?) The contrast in textures between her body and the craggy surroundings also is very appealing to me.

In terms of overall composition, I like how you've framed this picture, from the arch above her head that seems to define the space she's in (it might make this space a little more constricted, again adding to the story), to the space next to her, that tells us more about the surroundings and makes her seem so very alone. Also love the use of light and shadow in the background.. The shadow highlights her lit side, and the light in the background brings out the shape of her back and leg. (And I like the detail in the shadowy part of the background, of the rubble.) The underlying story (explained above) in the picture is part of why I'm attracted to it, I think.

All in all, I love this picture. Just wish I could say it better than that. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)"/>