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Fetish Artist with a focus on:

  • Muscles

  • Fat

  • Big Bellies

(I try my best to keep my art orginized in folders, so please use them if you are only interested in one specific thing.) ‣ Commission Info ‣ YCH Info

I don't do free requests or art trades.

I don't use discord or skype or anything similar.

While I can read and understand English just fine, please keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker, so my grammar won't be always correct and I might phrase things weirdly.




Commissions: I've increased the max limit to 2 character per client.
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Damn, comms closed already!?

Yep, the slots were quickly filled. However I plan on opening them soon again.

If you're interested, I can send you a note once I'm open again.

Thanks for faving (and creating in the first place!) Prisha Tests Her Strength - it’s much appreciated!

Back because you've faved Sarah's New Bikini and Faye And Skye Relax - thanks very much indeed!

And now you’ve faved Milima Tests Her Suit and Sally And Jeni - that’s really very kind indeed!