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Commission for :iconreyniki: Thank you :aww:
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Hey, coming back to this, is it possible that you could update this art with your watermark?

This art is appeared on Pinterest and I realized some people art taking my design to slightly alter and commission people to essentially draw Virrian but claim them as their own.

It doesn't make me super comfortable to see iterations of Virrian so close D:

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I'm sorry it happened:(

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love the colors as always!
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wearing this much clothes ain't good for an amphibian...
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I mean
He's a water genasi, a race from DnD 5e
They're more water elementals than amphibians soooooo
clovercarmen5's avatar
i don't know that. i saw his ear and the only thing close to monsters with his facial description is an amphibian... but still, he is a water based monster, right? they need to keep themselves hydrated. and this much clothes is gonna act as a concealer. just saying y'know... i don't mean anything by it..
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It oki if you didn't know. I don't expect everyone to know what a genasi is!

And realistically speaking yeah but character-wise, he's a shy guy so having this much clothes just brings out his closed off personality better //shrugs
He probably regenerates water from the inside or something too but hey, it looks nice anyway~
The info's good to know tho XD
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haha ok. it's your oc :D you know him best
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awww he's adorable <3
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Omg he's gorgeous! oAo
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