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Winter Walking (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cosplay)

02/2020 Photo session

LOCATION: Garbage and Dark Valley 

MISSION: After a few hard months on the outskirts of the Zone, the free stalker Vanguard has finally had a stroke of luck: he signed a hard but fair contract with the Ecologists. Vanguard is required to travel to anomalous areas in order to collect artifacts and interesting samples of local flora, so that the science team can run tests on them and make a detailed catalogue of anomalies and their impacts on the local flora. Although this is a dangerous task, the Ecologists provided the Stalker with a number of tools in order to survive such task. A respirator, a gas mask, two containers with the respective handling tools and a chemical-resistant, camouflage winter suit (most of these items come from army depots). This contract still doesn't make Vanguard an official collaborator of the Ukrainian science team but, if the stalker will succeed in his task, he might have a good chance to become a recognised part of the science team, therefore granting him the necessary papers to avoid problems with the army. And so, this is the adventure of Vanguard, trying to keep his end of the bargain.

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