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Spectre Setup June 2019 (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cosplay)

06/2019 Photoset


MISSION: Vanguard, an experienced Stalker, has heard that a friend of his from the outside world has managed to make his way into the Zone. Knowing all too well the dangers that the Cordon poses to the newbies, Vanguard has travelled to the Rookie Village to save his friend, Spectre, from the grip of the local trader, of the bandits and even of the military. Together they travelled to the Garbage in order to reach an area with a bit more potential for profit and for making some experience. The first goal is to teach Spectre how to deal with anomalies and how to hunt for artifacts, being one of the most lucrative activities that a Stalker can undertake. If the team manages to catch any interesting artifacts, Vanguard would be sure to buy them at an honest price from Spectre, in order to provide him with some means for his survival in the harsh reality of the Zone. And so, the adventure of the two Stalkers begins...

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