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You know things have been lazy when last journal had "happy 2017" and it is 2019.
I'll summarize things:
-I was barely drawing, but then completely stopped drawing when I was called for a job. Job that didn't work out and now I am...well, jobless again. Cons, I am in another city with bills to pay. Pros, I learned a lot about myself. And one of the things is, despite my laziness and not having formally studied for that, drawing is still one of my favorite things to do.
-I THINK and hope I've learned a bit more in the meantime, while still drawing a bit on paper and seeing a lot of pictures and discussing them with people. I need to warm a bit, but hope to deliver better material. Although I still haven't decided what IS my style yet.......but at least now I know I can't have TWO styles in the same picture, one of my most common mistakes.
-Tried to clean around the place here. Lots of unwatches, because I felt that was one reason I had a burnout from DA. Moved away any drawing I was feeling a bit ashamed of. Came to a conclusion; I am actually better with animals and alikes (pokemon for example) than with human anatomy. Not that I'll stop drawing people because of it, but I find it an usefull information. Also, my characters have been through some redesigns, so again, I moved most of the old stuff and hopefully I'll fill all with new stuff.
-Between helping drawing more pokemon for projects, drawing my characters and ...I hope, some GW2 stuff.....I want to do some redraws of my old stuff. Problem is, lots of options and don't know what to pick. I am all ears if anyone have an opinion on that.
And that's it for now. Let's see what will work out. Thanks for your attention if you've read it.
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Happy 2017 to EVERYONE!

2 min read
 I don't have much to add tho, yay! Reason why It has been 6 months without I write anything.
My inspiration have been in the dumps. Usually I would draw anything for the sake of drawing. Now I need an event / an really good idea, or I'd just go for one of my characters. I dunno, I think I am a little tired of just trying gijinkas. If AT LEAST I could draw better designs, maybe I'd be more inspired (example: Sisters of day and night, Umbreon Espeon gijinkas, I want to use this one for a Draw this again someday. Looks like a lot of people like this drawing, maybe because of the idea, but for me those clothes and the style I used...well, could be better).
Can't say I dislike how I evolved this year. I think it went better than last year, even with less drawings / easier ones.

Anyway, if someone is willing to give some feedback for themes, go on! Otherwise I'll just do whatever comes into my mind to post here. XD
(Oh, I feel a bit guilty I didn't draw anything for end of the year / christmas.....)

Oh, and....last time I recommended Gurren Laggan. Well, for today I say, if there is anyone who likes anime around....WATCH SHIROBAKO!
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Back to business

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Finished all the exams I had (for now), and I can draw again.... If Dota let me do it. (Damn battle pass....).
I am warming up with some sketches (also because I'm having too much brainstorms with my OCs, creating new chars and a new world....althought they are just mascots). For now... Yeah, I have to make a entry for this contest, then I can go back drawing anything my mind comes up with or I want to participate.
Anyway this is just a reminder that I am not dead.
Also last month I spent too much time on Stardew Valley. That game is a trapping hell. Be warned.
Also watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Don't be like me, waiting 10 years to watch it. Go watch it now. It is worth. NOW.
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