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I felt a few minor corrections had to be made on my fursona. His markings now look more like a genet's, I ditched his gloves and belt, and improved his mechanical parts.

His obsession with improving everything's performance by the use of Robotics led him to replace most his organs with bionic devices and use the spare space in his torso to keep stuff. His need for order and rationally explaining all facts and processes in life borders obsessive-complusive disorder. He is a self-worshipping megalomaniac with deep delusions of godliness, but still friendly and fun to hang out with.

His forearms, calves and eyes are now fully robotic and detachable. His digestive system has been completely removed and replaced by two modules: an elastic removable stomach bag to hold what he eats, and a series of refillable nutrient input tubes directly connected onto a dispenser. That orange button inside him is his genital suppression override switch.

You can find even more information on InkBunny.
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