I have to say that Neverwinter was a better book than Gauntlgrym, and, in fact, the last several Drizzt books. For awhile there, it seemed like Salvatore was tired of writing about the dark elf, and just kept at if for the sake of his fans. In the Transitions trilogy, he went on a killing spree, and it seemed like he was struggling to incorporate the Spellplague into the Drizzt legacy and was like 'hmm, how to do this? I know!' *zaps Catti-bree*. And let's not forget the prologue in The Orc King in which Drizzt scolded the elf for attacking the orcs, and he was talking to Hralien (who has not been in any of the following books). As someone who has read plenty of Forgotten Realms books outside of the Drizzt series, I understand some of the references, and I knew about Szass Tam from The Haunted Lands, but it seems as though the Drizzt books have been...separate from all the other FR books, and I know there are people who have only read the dark elf legacy novels.

This also applies to the short stories featuring Drizzt, such as Comrades at Arms (I think that's what its called), in which Ellifain's spirit is freed, and To'sun has his enlightening moment. Um...not everyone has read that story! I'm sure plenty who didn't know about it were disappointed that all Drizzt said in <i?The Orc King</i> was "she is free". And then we have the gods, who Salvatore doesn't mention much, except for a few. Maybe it's just because I like hearing about the gods and am a Corellon fan (who has only been mentioned in the afore mentioned short story), but he really doesn't address them, and The Orc King is the first and only time he has thus far mentioned Eilistraee. Again, this might leave some who have only read the Drizzt books going "wha...?" I love Drizzt, don't get me wrong. He is what started me on my Forgotten Realms craze. But I encourage people who haven't to step outside the Drizzt novels and explore of FR series. There are some good ones!

Just a couple more complaints and then I'll get to the positive, promise. This is only a minor detail, I guess, and probably not important in the larger scheme of things, but it is another inconsistancy. I like that "to be an elf", is to treasure each moment and enjoy the time we have with friends and not dread the future. But in Neverwinter, Drizzt mentions in one of his "entries" that elves rarely partner for life, when, according to some other stories I've read, this is not entirely true. Some elves likely do change partners after a hundred years or so, but love is important to the elves, and I don't think they just go "oh, it's been over a hundred years, think I'll find someone else. I'll always remember you though". Uh huh. According to Races of the Wild, which is a D&D book, that elves often have dalliances before they marry, because a partner is quite a commitment for a people who live so long. In the The Last Mythal trilogy, which I recommend to any elf lover, it states that when engaged, elves have a twenty year betrothel period to make sure their partner is "the one". This does not mean that after a hundred or two hundred years they go "hmm, think I should marry someone else!". I think further research is needed on this topic. Tis different obviously when elves partner with humans, because we have a tendancy to keel over after so many years.

All right, last bit of negativity. It concerns the beloved Jarlaxle. He did not die in Gauntlgrym, and in fact was planning to return to Luskan with Arthogate, but the stubborn dwarf is like, "no, leave me". I am complaining here not only because I love Jarlaxle, but also because of events that were set in motion in the book and not addressed at all in Neverwinter.  If I remember correctly, Kimmuriel has gained too much control over Bregon D'earthe because Jarlaxle has been absent, and some, such as Valas Hune--who I also love! I thought he deserved more spotlight in War of the Spider Queen, but yeah--hinted that he looked forward to the day Jarlaxle returned. Basically, things were set in motion, or hinted at in any case, but like the prologue of The Orc King, they have not been addressed.

Perhaps it is too early to complain, because Jarlaxle has a tendancy to reappear, and maybe he will in the next book, or Salvatore will go on to write a separate series, like he did with Jarlaxle and Entreri. And speaking of Entreri (spoiler coming!), he's back! Drizzt's opposite has returned. When I read Gauntlgrym, Barrabus the Gray indeed reminded me of Entreri--or Arteries and Entrails, as my friend Treasa and I affectionately call him--but I forgot about it until this latest book. And ta da! I used to hate Entreri, but after reading the Sellswords trilogy, I came to like him, and now he has returned. I'm sure Drizzt and Entreri slash fans will love some of the scenes in Neverwinter. And, much to my relief, the angry Drizzt is gone, replaced with the dark elf we know and love. There are some differences, for instance the "wee, I'm invincible, let's fight!" attitude, but then again, he IS drow after all, and there is a part of him that truly likes fighting. He also seems a bit more...lustful than he used to. He truly loved Catti-brie, but he isn't sure of Dahlia (I'm not too sure what to think of her either, to be honest), and I think the earlier Drizzt would not sleep with someone he is uncertain of his feelings for. Again, though, I guess it is a drow trait, and a minor detail. At least he isn't so angry anymore! He's my lovely Drizzt once more.

On a final note, Valindra makes me laugh. She's a bitch and schemer to be sure, but she's also amusing, thanks to her insanity. I just chuckle every time she blurts out "Ark-lem Greeth!" So all in all, a good read, and a much needed installement in the legacy of our dearest dark elf.
Neverwinter, Book I

When one of his oldest friends, Bruenor Battlehammer, chooses to spend his final days searching for the fabled dwarf kingdom of Gauntlgrym, Drizzt readily agrees. But before Drizzt and Bruenor even get close to finding the lost city, the dwarf assassin Athrogate, black-widow elf Dahlia, and Drizzt’s old nemesis Jarlaxle stumble upon it first. In their search for riches and magic, the three treasure hunters inadvertently set into motion a catastrophe that could spell disaster for the unsuspecting people of the city of Neverwinter—a catastrophe big enough to set even the mercenary Jarlaxle into risking his own coin and skin to stop it. Unfortunately, the more they uncover about the secret of Gauntlgrym, the more it looks like they can’t stop the impending disaster on their own. They’ll need help, and from the last people they ever thought to fight alongside again: Drizzt and Bruenor.

Drizzt joins these new companions with a conflicted heart. The promise of adventure appeals to a primal part of him. But his lust for battle is growing stronger. Is he really no different from any other dark elf? (from R.A. Salvatore official site -link below)

Cover image --> Click here

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Amazon --> Click here

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Edit: Membership settings have been changed and you all should be able to send your requests to rejoin the club. However, if anyone still has problems, please let me know. :)


Yes, well as the title sates Drizzt-A-Fan-Club has now become an official DA Group!!

I'm still very much trying to get a hang of things (and to figure out what everything does) but so far I'm very impressed with what DA has come up with.

As you may have noticed all our old members (from back when we were a normal DA club) must now become a member again (by clicking on the link on our front page). I will try and get everyone accepted and back in as soon as possible. Also, if you have some Drizzt related work that you wish to be featured in our favourites there is also a nifty little link for that purpose as well. I can't guarantee that all your work will be accepted but I'll try my best.

I will try and get things all converted and organized as soon as I can.

Thanks for the support my fellow Drizzt fans!!


Legacy of Drizzt: a fan club on DA

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 11, 2008, 1:07 AM

Hello all,
Well most of your are probably wondering about this new Drizzt Club. Well as most of you know I am a rather an obsessed Drizzt fan and in the past I did consider creating my own Drizzt fan club here on DA, so I finally did. :D Since I am running this alone (for now) updates might be a few days behind, as I am a very busy person.

What you see here is by no means complete. I am hoping to include contests, news, features, and many other Drizzt related goodies.

Quick Guide
-To join send a note titled "Join" and state that you want to join the club.
-To submit your Drizzt related art to the list send a note titled "Art List' with a link to your work. You can submit your old work as well (and writings are accepted). Also there is not limit to the number you can have on the list, for now.

:new: Club News :new:

Sept 11
We have a new member as well as quite a few new additions to our art list. Also its getting to be around that time to renew our subscription, as of Sept 17 our pretty journal will disappear along with all the fancy CSS design. So any donations would be greatly welcome.

A sample chapter from the Stowaway has been released by wizards of the coast and can be seen here

Aug 22
We have a few new members, as well as some more news about upcoming book releases:

Devils Due has released one of its covers for issue 2 (of 3) for Starless Night that is set to release in October:


Also, with the upcoming release of the Reader's Guide to Drizzt, Wizards of the Coast has released some sample down-loadable pages:
Guenhwyvar (6.8mb zipped PDF)
The Matron Mothers (5.1mb zipped PDF)
Mithral Hall and the Spine of the World (10.9mb zipped PDF)
Take a look at a "missing" map from A Reader's Guide to R.A. Salvatore's Legend of Drizzt, plus read a few excerpts that help describe the location.

More news can be seen at: drizzt-a-fan-club.deviantart.c…

July 17
The cover for The Stowaway: Stone of Tymora has been released on R.A.Salvatore's site
Also the 5 page preview for the Legacy #3 (now on store shelves) has been released from Devils Due publishing. They can be seen here
We also have a few new members.

July 2
I have finally found the new cover by Todd Lockwood, for the newest Drizzt book, the Pirate King, to be released in October.
pirate king
We also have a couple new members.
Note: I still have not had a chance to update the member ranking after the contest, but I will as soon as I get a chance.

June 27 Well the voting for our first contest is over and we have two winners (as it was a tie) so congratulations to AmbrMerlinus and FrenchArbitor. Your features are below and you both will also be featured in keelerleah's journal shoutbox.
Also I will soon update all the points the winners and voters have earned and will be added to the ranking list. Again, thanks to everyone that voted!
June 18 Hi everyone, first I must apologize for not updating in a while. Ok, first our first contest has ended, and as soon as I finish updating here, I will be sending out the notes for the voting (which will remain open for a week). When a winner is chosen that lucky person will receive a feature here, as well as my own page (keelerleah).
I have updated the Drizzt News with some exciting new comic covers, details about the newest Drizzt book (the Pirate King), and I have included a unreleased peek at the possible cover for the new Drizzt Guide to be released in August. We also have some new additions to the art list so go on and take a look.
Well I believe that's t for now but stay tuned for more exciting Drizzt related news.
P.S. I also hope to update the Drizzt merchandise section soon again. :)

May 26 We have a new addition to the art list as well as news of a new book by R.A. Salvatore and his son Geno Salvatore! The Stowaway: Stone of Tymora, Book I, will be released in September. Click here for more details.
<img src="ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I…" alt="cover'>

May 16 Some contest news: The contest 1 deadline has been extended for a month. The deadline is now June 17! We also have a new addition to our art list.

May 5 Not to much new, but we have a couple new members, a new submission to the art list, and the Drizzt news has been updated.

April 15 Ok, I have finally learned that the first issue of The world of Dungeons and Dragons (as seen below and that was originally meant  to be released in Feb) will be released April 16! For more info click here We also have a few new members.

cover 1 cover 2

April 9 We have a few new submissions to our art and writing list and the Drizzt News has been updated with news of a new Drizzt Guide to be released in Aug!

Mar 28 Our first contest has been announced. Check out the contest section below for details.

Mar 21</a> Drizzt News has been updated with news from Devils Due publishing. A new suggestion forum was added and our first contest should be announced within the next few days, so stay tuned. :D

Mar 16- Now that the club has been subscribed, I will have to take the time and code out a fancy new CSS and it might take a bit of time to iron the wrinkles out. So if you see something odd with the journals its basically because I haven't finished them yet. I am also resizing the images on the main journal page so they fit better, this will also take some time, but hopefully I will have it done by the end of the day. Thanks for your patience with this. :D

A new contest will also be announced within the next week so stay tuned. Also any suggestions (for contests, features, or general idea) would be greatly welcomed as this is a club for all of us.

I must thank both LillianaLequela and EgilSterkr for so graciously donating a 3 month subscription! Now I Can whip up a fancy journal set up!
Thanks so much again!!! :hug:


:star: Contests  :star:

Contest and voting closed. Congratulations to :iconambrmerlinus: and :iconfrencharbitor:

Go here for details.

18 members voted

4 - Drizzt Fan Club Submission By: azumangafaerie
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Perspective     Perspective.  It can change in a single moment of epiphany.  Or through amounted experience it can subtly shift without your ever realizing.  And then there are times of utter turmoil when life is completely changed.  I cannot begin to imagine how drastically Wulfgar's perspective on life changed in his years tormented by the demon Errtu.  My own perspective has changed on many things.  I once believed that I would trapped, much like my father Zaknafein was trapped, in Menzoberranzan.  Nowhere to go, living among my own kind yet so very different.  Or as the Hunter in the wilds of the Underdark.  My early years in Icewind Dale had led me to believe I could live out my years in peace, a distant watchguard over the people of Ten Towns.  Then I met Cattie-Brie, a young girl too naïve to know what a drow was.  She along with Bruenor and Regis then My Mouse Is BrokenOh woe is me!
My mouse dead be.
I tried it alone. I tried it with a keypad.
No success with either, which makes me quite sad.
It may just be the USB
I pray you can help me.
A new mouse or just new adapter?
Either one would make me much happier!
My laptop is available all next week.
Do you have the help I seek?
Reborn     He looked into His hand, and saw a world foreign to Him.  The beings had no idea of His existence, not anymore.  His name had been forgotten long ago.  Even most of the other Gods had purged Him from their memories.  The time of the Gods was nearing its end.  As He watched, Crynth tried to remember His days when He had walked among the mortals.  It had been so very long ago.  His mother's face, the town in which He grew up, the name of the being who had given Crynth his godly powers, but He could not.  All was a blank.  Buried by the countless millennia of watching these mortals, whom He was once again now observing.  He could remember nothing except His life as a God, at least the most of it.  Even the last remnants of being worshipped were fading from memory.  He had grown weak when His name had stopped flowing from the mouths of follow

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-- Drizzt Do'Urden, Homeland

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