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I really want to know what the rules are about using stock photography on sites (other than deviantart)... are they just considered royalty free and can be used without permission? or are they just for use on DA? p.s. I really wish people would stop using my old stock photos :(
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okay this is attempt number 230498570234 to bring back my old account. as most of you (my watchers) know, I used to be drive ( but thanks to a certain someone who will not be named, I can no longer log in. for those who don't know, my account password was changed without my permission, and after filing for a new password I realised that the email I had used to sign up on DA had died considering I'd signed up over a year ago. this then meant that the new password was sent to the dead address and blah blah blah according to the admins, there was nothing that could be done. now. after re-thinking this, I find it hard to believe that the admi
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DRIVESTOCK IS BACK UP. if you use any stock photo, note me and I'll go check it out... don't leave a comment on my user page, I don't usually read them. p.s this'll be strictly an object/texture stock account... no people or poses or faces, sorry. --- EDIT// you'll find most of my stock to be tubes, plugs and machinery and whatnot, because it's what I most use. but if you want anything in particular, you can note me and I just might take a couple of shots for you if I think it'll help and depending on what mood I'm in and if you've asked me nicely =) --- antartica (
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Hi there,
i just used your stock in one of my artworks - thanks for sharing !
here it is:

Wow, you are crazy good!
Waiting for your next work!

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great stock here!
I used some of your stock here at [link] I love your stock, your a great photographer and I wish the best of you. Thanks! :)
hay dude jus wanted to say ru beautiful ... every pix from ur stock which has been used it absltly ...kept me in awe credit 2 u for ur beautiful shots n the editers for givin it all such a gr8 concept.. i never used ur stock myself cause well i suckz wen it comes to editin but mayb someday ..lolz kudos

hEaD uP
-lLosT S o u L..

"I HoPe ThaT LovE hE GavE yOu
Was JusT EnouGh 2 savE yOu"
Long time no speak - That is if you still come on DA these days (and if you didn't I wouldn't blame you).

Must talk soon hun, hope you got them tattoos and the tattoo gun ;)