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Cheesy Dragon Love Puns

I've posted this before, but apparently DA is doing a "Be My Valentine" event, so I upload again. Dun Dun Dun.

If you really like these guys, check out my etsy! I'm selling 5x7 horizontal cards of these two: [link]

Here's the story of these two:

"Allouishis was a bashful dragon who desperately admired Victoria. Everything about her was just so perfect. He respected her knack at terrorizing the neighboring villages, admired her perfect collection of pilfered princesses, and swooned over her adventurous spirit for double parking in the town market.

He was enamored. He was twitterpated. He was love.

Needing to find a way to tame her fiery heart, Allouishis looked for the perfect gift, but couldn't find anything good enough for his "sweetie scales".

Suddenly, he saw it. The perfect gift! A little stuffed dragon sitting amongst a pile of toys within a claw machine of Ye Olden Arcade.

It was a true challenge that Allouishsis was prepared to take on!

However, Allouishis quickly found out that he was actually rather smashing at the claw machine as it only took him 3 tries."
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I received this from a friend of mine also. Such a beautiful thing this is!