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Waxcat YCH (OPEN)

Hey guys, so I wanted to do a Waxcat YCH and well... here it is the price is 100-200:points: (depending on complexity)

I'll take 'em one at a time to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed. These are not adopts or customs, and your Waxcat MUST be approved before I will make one for you. Comment below with your approved waxcat to get one.

Example of a finished YCH:

Art by me
Waxcats are a closed species by Shittypurplecat 
Please join :iconwaxcats: to get a Waxcat.
Made in Medibang Paint on iPad Pro
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I'd love to have one of my kitty, Mia. :)
(I've been waiting for her to be approved so I could get one of these!)
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She is a cutie o3o I'll start on it immediately. It'll be 150 :points: but don't send until I have finished it.
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Okay ^-^ Feel free to ask me if you have any questions on her colors since her reference is traditional.
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I was actually going to do that. What are her colors exactly?
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Her main colors are light pink and cream, her buttons and bow are a middle-ish purple (light but not super light), and her fire is pinkish-orange and fades to cream. The strawberry seeds in her body are yellow with a light tint of pink on them.

I'm not super picky, but, if it would be easier for you, I can try to work up a digital color sheet for her real quick. 🙂
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That would actually be lovely if you could. I want to make sure I get the colors right
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This isn't the best since I just quickly threw it together, but I hope it's helpful ^-^
Feel free to tweak the colors a little bit if you need to.
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I really hope I got it right OTL

If not, I can edit the colors but I hope you like it QQ

Waxcat YCH 2 by DrivenByStarLight
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