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A quick little sketch dump I did last night while I was trying to ease my stomach. Now for some details of these critters.

    At any rate Tonth (the little critter in the pink) is mine. I had come to the conclusion I wanted a mushroom critter, and well... I doodled a mushroom on a rock and it became my Tonth. He has no teeth and a very long tongue, he is short and when he moves across the ground it is very slow, dragging his body the whole way. He is very earthy colored though his mushrooms tend to stand out a bit color-wise. His mushrooms, if ingested leave the eater (that sounds so weird) Hallucinating. By the end of its cycle the victim is usually frothing at the mouth and either gibbering Nonsense, or dead. He eats mainly bugs and plants, and is quite small, no bigger than a Large weenie dog when they achieve their full amount of growth. Tonth is the last of his kind unfortunately, their species is considered immortal due to their unnaturally long life span (around 900 years) and are thought to be extict because in the past when they were many they were hunted for their Hallucinagenic mushrooms. If cured correctly, they make one hell of a drug with a wild high that is extremely addictive. Tonth is a creature of the fae world and as such does have fae-like abilities. He is quite simple though, so mostly harmless unless his mushrooms are ingested.

    Will-o-Wisp (the critter in blue) was made for Reixxie. After making Tonth she asked me to make him a Will-o-Wisp friend, and well this is my version of it. This critter generally glows a bright white with a slight blue tint, it flies by its wings and its "hair" is actually its flames. This creature is quite the trickster and generally plays in good fun until it gets angry. When it is angry, it's color changes to that of a bright Toxic green and it's flames swirl up and around it.

    Leaf Faery (the critter in the green) DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HIS CUTENESS and those exceptionally huge eyes. He is very imp like and enjoys fooling the wary traveller. I decided to give him to LillithCrescent, because I knew I wouldn't use him and she liked him.

All of these sketches and concepts are my own and were made by myself. Please do not trace, steal, reuse or anything without my permission. 
Please do not make another of Tonth's species, as I mentioned above, he is the last of his kind.
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Tooooooonth <3
And I need to name the wisp omg