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Teachers' Conference

By Drisela
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I've been drawing this for a while ...
I kept leaving it and coming back.
It's ready to be seen. :giggle:

The picture depicts a training session on Ember Island.
I used screen caps for reference and inspiration for the background. Katara shares the battle plans with Zuko and Toph doesn't have to be in on the huddle to know what's going on. :laughing: Aang is off to the left of the picture. He's waiting for his teachers to begin the next lesson.

Toph, Zuko and Katara are from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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Zuko looks amazing :heart:
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So much for a conference. Toph is just respectfully turning away
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nope, toph is approving ;D

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This is amazing... You can even see the sunburns on Zuko's back!!! :D
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You're probably tired of hearing this, but OMG his BACK!!! :iconpervplz:
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Holy crap his back!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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I think i'm inlove with Zuko's back on this pic!!!
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Toph isblushing????
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So internally conflicted about how AMAZINGLY SEXY Zuko's back looks here. And the way the position of his arms forces his hips to just out a little...

Great job on the anatomy and body movement in making such an awkward position look completely natural!

Zuko seems about a head taller than Katara here (a more significant difference than shown in the cartoon, although in S3 there seemed to be some height bending going on from episode to episode). But I really like it! Zuko's looming over Katara makes him seem even more RAWRR! here. ;P
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"makes him seem even more RAWRR!" ok that hust made my day. :leetcrab:
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amazingly done! love it!
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Zuko and Katara is the BEST EVA!!

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Zuko has one sexy back.
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lol I would love to take classes with those teachers! :D
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Oh, I see a blush on Toph's face. SHE CAN SEE YOU.

And Zuko's back is veeery...satisfactory. (*smirks*)
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One of my all-time favorite artworks. :)
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hmmm... Is it wrong for someone to fall in love with someone else's back, neck, hair and ear?[link]
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Zuko has a wonderfully delicious back. :iconpervykataraplz:
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thats just so flippin akward. im not exactly a fan of zuko
eberlins's avatar
Well then why did you comment like that . . . ? XD;
puccafan2's avatar
bc im weird like that.
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:D i would totally adore it to see more of your artwork in this style. it's BEAUTIFUL.
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