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Smilla's sense of Snow

By DriPoint
"To Defeat the Darkness you will need more than just a fine bow" the Ice Bear said in parting, "you will need courage, integrity and faith, but with these, in time, I believe you will prevail in your Quest......"

For the next instalment....
Valley of Towers by DriPoint

and the one after that:
Smilla by DriPoint

This was my entry into the "Defeat the Darkness" Contest

Update 28/05/14 - I came second in the contest and am really delighted with that!!

My image is totally unconnected but the title comes from the English translation of a great 1992 book by Danish author Peter Høeg called "Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow". Smilla was an invented name whose origin is explained by the author in the book. It was made into a film in 1997.

Really great stock images, many thanks to each of you

Smilla =…

Polar Bear =…

Bow =…

Cliff =…

Rock stack =…

Background =…

I hope I have used your stock in the spirit of your relevant permissions but if you feel I have in any way breached your terms of use please let me know and I will remove or amend my piece. If you are offended or just plain disappointed by the content or quality of the work then let me know and  I will remove or amend my piece. If you like it though let me know, my ego could do with a massage.

© 2013 -

I spend a lot of time and work really hard to generate original new imagery from the kindly donated stock images and so I would not appreciate any use, redistribution, modification, cropping, tubing or any other corruption of my creations in any way without first gaining my written consent. Doing so violates my copyright & may well also infringe upon the model & respective stock photographers copyrights or terms of use.
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MariaMurphyArt's avatar
Magnificent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
269-million's avatar
That's amazing photo editing - it looks so natural!
MGA2K18's avatar
This is a beautiful piece of art.. Great work!
DriPoint's avatar
Thanks very much
Metek09's avatar
Im also an artist on deviant art, this one is really gorgeous, I appreciate a lot your perfection specialy on this one, thanks for the idea!

PSK-Photo's avatar
What a beautiful motive. Very well done!
DriPoint's avatar
Thanks very much
zulkirrr's avatar
Amazing lights and shadows !
DriPoint's avatar
Thanks very much
naziraKmisbah's avatar
Breathtaking Sweating a little... Fantastic work ! 
DriPoint's avatar
Thanks very much
PerseidGalaxy's avatar
holy crap this blew my mind :O
DriPoint's avatar
Zoiks! - I hope your mind has recovered now!
Thank You :)
WhimsicalBlue's avatar
Fabulous and a lovely winter scene:love:
DriPoint's avatar
Thanks very much
WhimsicalBlue's avatar
oooooo. very cool.
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Girldeathknight's avatar
this is superb and gave me an idea
DriPoint's avatar
Huzzah! - Thanks very much.
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