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Let it go

I've caught the Frozen bug! - I really love this song, we were travelling back from a short break last week listening to music on the radio and the presenter said he would play it, but only if someone rang in and offered to sing along with it, which a mum and her two kids did - it was brilliant.

I was cautiously pleased with this until I saw a completely fantastic DD using the same stock earlier today! Check it out here:

After it was finished I wondered whether I should have just done it as a portrait - so here is that version.
Elsa portrait by DriPoint

Really great stock images, many thanks to each of you

Elsa (fantastic stock!) =…

Snowflake =…

Castle =…

Snow =…

Lake = austriaangloalliance.deviantar…

Mountain =…

Starry sky =…

Winter Texture =…

I hope I have used your stock in the spirit of your relevant permissions but if you feel I have in any way breached your terms of use please let me know and I will remove or amend my piece. If you are offended or just plain disappointed by the content or quality of the work then let me know and  I will remove or amend my piece. If you like it though let me know, my ego could do with a massage.

© 2013 -

I spend a lot of time and work really hard to generate original new imagery from the kindly donated stock images and so I would not appreciate any use, redistribution, modification, cropping, tubing or any other corruption of my creations in any way without first gaining my written consent. Doing so violates my copyright & may well also infringe upon the model & respective stock photographers copyrights or terms of use.
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© 2014 - 2021 DriPoint
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super-work !!
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Gorgeous work Jon! Love this! :clap:
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You're very welcome dear! :hug:
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so magical and beautiful!!
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Thank You Roosa - most kind.
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Hey Brenna - its been so long, how wonderful to hear from you again!!! 
HaHa - you returned just as I need to take a bit of a break so many apologies for not replying sooner.
I'm really so glad to see you here again my friend.
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:nod: Yes it has been a long time indeed:hug: glad to see u too ;) and no appologies needed..;)
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Yayy - we can pick up where we left off, I see lots of new art from you waiting for me to inspect!
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:giggle: ..thats awsome :hug: and enjoy urselves..i´ll b working on my messages..but after that ill b sure to check u out too :laughing:
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No need - be ages before I do anything new :laughing:
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This is so beautiful! I got blown away by this (By how awesome and beautiful it is)
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Thank You very much my friend - I appreciate that very much!
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Thank You very much Eli - wonderful stock!
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This is just stunning Jon!
I LOVE it! :clap:
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Glad you like it - Many Thanks
Hug 2 
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