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Ohmigosh a deviation?!

... Yes.
Over the past few days I've had a slowly building urge to draw some more (yes, I go through horrible bouts of barely touching a pencil), and today I finally made the time to plop down and work at something again, I'm so happy!
Yes, it is just another portrait thingy. No, it is not colorful. Yes, I actually feel bad that I haven't put up more/very many pictures or worked more in photoshop. But that's life. Bah.

Anyway, this started as a portrait of someone I know, then this lady kinda pushed her out of the way and made it her own picture instead... Yeah, that's pretty much how it happened ;)
I used this to work on learning different techniques (if you'd even call them that), and used a couple different references for the face and hair. I had no reference for the headwrap/scarf thingamajigger though, and I suck at cloth (I need to start practicing with that *sigh*) so it ended up looking kinda sad :/

Also, again, circles hate me so her pupils are kinda sad, but at least I'm still learning stuff!
And I have no idea what happened to her left eye, or what made that goofy dip in her upper lip (the lip actually looks fine on paper, I think the scanner goofed up or something), but oh well.

Enjoy the rest of your day... or night!
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