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Omari Hoshimoto [MHA GROUP]

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-Omari Hashimoto

-Alias: Rameses


-Mari(friends and family)Marad(by old teachers)

-Marad means a disease in Arabic


-16, 12/Feb

-Relationship status





2nd-year student at U.A






-Blood type


-Unusual Features

- Eye colour changes to gold when quirk is in use


-Quirk name

-Third eye

-Quirk type



-His quirk allows him to see noticeable things about humans, animals and objects. The max things he can investigate are 1 at a time, It takes about 5 minutes to get all the information. Sometimes he needs prior information to make the whole picture (for example he maybe needs to fight a person twice to find what is repetitive. He can use his quirk up to 10 mins without taking breaks. Because of this quirk, he has been training to be better at remembering things and being smarter

-Loses focus of the things around him when the quirk is in use So easily can be surprised attacked.

- his quirk leaves him with sore eyes so he has to drink more water (or use eyedrops) to avoid eye strain.

- If he overuses his quirk he gets headaches and it above his limit he gets bad vision ( and if even more he gets migraines and he should probably stop now)

-since his quirk is primarily on his vision putting him in a dark room or making him temporarily blind makes him vulnerable.


-Can find objects that are out of place so if he's out in the forest he can spot trash and normal things you don't find in a forest like trash, paper or phones (by forest I mean like a thick forest. (though since he lived in Egypt he doesn't really know what you are supposed to find in a forest)

-When he uses his quirk everything darkens and key things light up so it’s easy to decipher what is going on.


-Has to wear prescription glasses because of the bad vision he gets when overusing his quirk.

-Can’t really get info when it’s dark (because he can’t see

-Can find info about out of a character things but not their personality. an example is that he can tell if someone is a gymnast or just a person who likes playing on monkey bars. Because of the softness of there hands since gymnast has rougher hands than normal people. but can't tell if they are hotheaded or calm. he can guess but can't find hard cold proof.

-Because of the fact that everything darkens when the quirk is being used it is easy not not see someone coming to you.

-Fighting styles

Distant fighting is best for his quirk since then he can observe his surroundings and find weak points.


Intelligence: 3

Speed: 3


Durability: 3

Stamina: 3

Quirk control: 4

TOTAL: 18/20

Focus: intelligence


He is 
* Logical
*Quick learner
*Music Lover
*Food lover 

Despite his sluggish and “I could care less” behaviour Omari is a pretty mischievous child and love's confusing people. That’s why he’s so confusing himself. On an everyday basis, he looks tired and walks pretty slow (but he’s so tall that it’s still fast enough)

History: Omari was born in a pretty normal family in Alexandria, Egypt. In school, he was treated differently but not to the point of bullying for not only being a legitimate child but also for being half Japanese. In middle school, he became friends with a girl name Leila who still remains his friend to today. He is the exact opposite of Leila with him being sluggish and slow and her being energized and upbeat.

At the end of middle school, his mom decided to move him to his father since he had more of a chance to succeed in Japan then in Egypt. He wasn’t happy once he learned about this but since both parents had agreed on that he should move he did.

When he moved to Kyoto he wasn’t happy since he’d have to start a new school in a completely different society and environment. He was scared that he’d been known as an outcast or a villain so he didn’t talk to many people (he isn’t shy or an introvert he just had anxiety).

He decided to go for the hero course since he always helps people put even when he doesn't want to. He has a younger sister who only has one arm after a funny incident of her involving a chainsaw.  He had to help her with all the hardships she went through. Even when their parents said they had to leave her behind since they only had money for 3 of them he fought and lost. He wants to make a good life for him in Japan so that she can live with him.  

He first discovered his quirk when he was playing hide and seek and was failing pretty badly at finding his classmates. When suddenly the world turned dark and small things around him were noted like about how the clouds seem to be on the verge of raining and the suspicious pink bow that could be seen behind a tree, in the end, he found all his classmates only for them to point out his gold eyes and how he looks like an Egyptian god. It wasn't until he explained to his teacher that (he know noticed with his quirk that he smokes) about the weird things that were going on and she told him that it must be his quirk.

Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt

Nationality: Egyptian

Ethnicity: Japanese/Egyptian


The nickname Marad is because of the Hashimoto disease and Marad is disease in arabic.

Omari gets flustered when he is called senpai because he still can’t wrap his head around.

He also doesn't say kun, chan, san or sama because of the fear of using it at the wrong moment


Omari likes sour candy

He also loves snow because he never sees it

He helping people

Also, sleep he likes to sleep.

Rain (kind of scared of it)

Spicy Food

He likes exposing people because why not.


Social media


Doesn't like hard Riddles.

Rushed things

Umbrellas (how do you work those things)

Being called marad

Being scolded

Teachers pet (whyy)


Timezone: CEST

Method: Discord

Format: Paragraphs though having headcanon makes things easier

Rating: Lighthearted i’m okay with a little Nsfw but a BIG no to Gore (keep it pg 16)

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