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Georges Washington de Lafayette

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Boi he pure and dashing while having two different eye colours 

Some info for Y'all *tips hat and drinks out of a Capri sun*

He was born on 24 December 1779

When he was 11he went into hiding with his tutor Felix Frestre while his mother was put on house arrest and later in prison. His great-grandmother, grandmother and aunt where guillotined(beheaded)

In 1795 was sent to America with his tutor and study in Harvard. He was a house guest of G Wash himself in the presidential mansion (Philadelphia) and at Washington's home

He was in the army fighting until he was wounded in 1800 at the battle of Mincio. He was an Aide-de-camp for a dude named grouchy in 1807 the same year grouchy was killed and he went into private life.

In summery he's a badass


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Should I continue with a small summary of the character or not
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