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{MMD APH} Nyo!Allies DL+Pass~ by Drindrence {MMD APH} Nyo!Allies DL+Pass~ by Drindrence

"What do you mean in terms of edit? Do you mean I can change them into my OC as long as I credit you or do you mean something else."

It means you can edit anything (textures, hair, clothes, physics) as long as it remains the same character.
(These models can only be distributed if I directly gave you permission, like with :iconbufffycat:'s Cardverse edits)

In terms of OCs, you can edit the model into your OC, but you can't just recolour the model or just change the face (or use any of my edited textures or spa/sphs for the matter).

For example, you CAN'T recolour Fem!America and call her your OC.
You CAN however, change her face and texture, change hair and hair colour, and add/remove/recolour parts of her outfit.
If you do this though, you must remove all my sph/spas and you need to replace the face texture with your own, also the model will not be distributable.

Or (if you're experienced with editing), you can make a model yourself and take parts from mine, however you must credit all the people who made the parts.
These models can be distributed.

---Just to clarify the terms of editing---



Edit- Yes

Redistribute- No

Take parts- Ask me

Pairings- Yes

Yuri- Yes

Violence/Gore- Yes

R18- No

(Accessories not included)

Pass: NyOtAliaAlLiEs
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May 1, 2014
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